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twisterchain Cable Carrier Applications

Circular motions

twisterchain cable carriers guide and protect cables moving in a circular motion.  twisterchain guides the cable carrier, reduces cable carrier wear, minimizes noise, and enables rotation up to 520°. The trough also enables a longer cable carrier length, a combination of different bend radius, and several twists and turns.

TwisterChain cable carrier in a dirty environment twisterchain cable carrier's rugged design means it will operate reliably even in extremely dirty or dusty environments.
TwisterChain cable carrier welding application twisterchain cable carrier performs in continuous use through 3-shift operation: buckling arm robot for welding applications, 420° rotary movement.
TwisterChain cable carrier in spiralling application twisterchain cable carrier for spiralling, circular motions.
TwisterChain cable carrier on a arm robot twisterchain cable carrier in a guide trough for rotary movements on a buckling arm robot.

Cable carrier applications

energy chain application examples by industry and cable carrier design.

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