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Plastic e-chain® cable carriers reduce downtime & increase service life of cables

What are the advantages of our e-chains®?

  • Cable-friendly due to smooth contours
  • Many options in terms of movement and length
  • Reliable even in harsh environmental conditions
  • Low weight, modular, strong, quiet, easy to open
  • Energy, data, FOCs, oil and air guided in one system
  • Predictable service life with up to 4 year guarantee
  • Low maintenance, easy to install
  • Large catalog of standard items

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Low-cost, small e-chains®

low cost
  • Lightweight & high torsion resistance
  • Snap-open or closed design
  • Internal separators -- standard or notch

Long Travels, Heavy Duty e-chains®

Long Travels, Gliding
  • Smooth, cable-friendly interior surfaces
  • Integrated "brakes" on radial stop dogs
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications

Special Solutions

Special Solutions
  • Vertical, spiral and rotary movements
  • ESD material to avoid static charges
  • Low noise, high-speeds

Multi-axis cable carriers for robots

  • Built-in torsion stop
  • Defined bend radius
  • Split cavity for cable separation

Closed tubes for dirt, chips & debris

  • Cost-effective and stable chip protection
  • Stop-dogs encapsulated for dirt protection
  • Hinged or removable lids for easy-opening

smart plastics for IIoT

  • Smart sensors allow self-monitoring.
  • Real-time alerts prevent unplanned downtime
  • Value limits can trigger a system shut-down

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Application examples with smart plastics

Intelligent Breakage Monitoring in 22 Ton Driving Simulator

Intelligent Breakage Monitoring in 22 Ton Driving Simulator

Shipyard Crane

Smart shipyard cranes in successful use for years

Austrian automotive parts supplier uses smart plastics

Austrian automotive parts supplier uses smart plastics

White paper rol e-chain

Predictive maintenance in train washing station

Bread wrapping machine with smart plastics

"igus® CF.Q condition monitoring can prevent failure of machines with high output"

Güdel measuring machine with smart plastics

Predictive maintenance planning for linear robot

Smart plastics in aluminum oxide production

Smart plastics in aluminum oxide production

Wastewater and sewage treatment plants

Smart sensors in sewage treatment plant pipelines prevent failures before they occur.

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