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Bucket Wheel Excavator & Stacker-Reclaimer Cable Management Solutions

e-chain® cable carrier systems are an alternative to slip rings, cable reels & festoon systems

The classic cable management systems that have been frequently used for supplying energy within bucket wheel excavators and stacker-reclaimers can be easily replaced and retrofitted with long-lasting e-chain® cable carrier systems from igus. e-chain® cable carriers have long and predictable service life, and can be installed effieciently by our expert team of engineers.

Benefits include:

  • Concurrent transmission of various media
  • Continuous connection of fiber-optic cables or wire-based data links
  • Minimized maintenance effort
  • Shorter cable runs
  • Low space requirements (no cable junction)
  • Resistance to weather influences

Circular movement with "RBR"

"RBR" means reverse bending radius, which means that the e-chain® can bend in two directions. Configurations with "RBR" can be fabricated for many igus® e-chains®. The "RBR" is not necessarily identical with the "BR" (bending radius) of an e-chain®.

Most rotary motions can be achieved with the RBR option. Angles of rotation up to 900° have been realized. Below is an example of rotary motion using an RBR e-chain®. Please consult igus® for your particular application.

Circular motions require less installation height. The e-chains® generally glide on surfaces made from plastics, stainless steel or steel, and are guided into a circular motion by guide channels. See "side mounted" for further design tips. Bending radii, circle radii, and chain widths are variable in this product range.

Design-engineering drawing - RBR for bucket wheel excavator A = unsupported part
B = rotating
C = end of travel

Example of a circular motion with "RBR". Here, the outer ring rotates. The inner ring could rotate just as well


Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA
Photo of a reclaimer USA

Application Assistance

For further questions or product information, please contact:

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