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CNC engraving machine

linear guide cnc machine Drawing of the engraving machine

CNC-engraving machine

A CNC-controlled three-axis machine:


drylin® R linear bearing


drylin® trapezoidal leadscrew nut


Guide rod


drylin® R linear bearing


Guide rod




drylin® W modular linear guide

General advantages of igus® products:


Corrosion resistant

Not affected by dirt

Maintenance- and lubrication-free

CNC-engraving machine CNC-engraving machine

Linear guide selection criteria

X axis

drylin® T miniature profile rail guide.

Main criteria for selection:


Supported rail system

Y axis

drylin® W modular linear guide.

Main criteria for selection:

Supported rail system

Low cost

Very compact, low profile design

Good absorption of loads from all directions

Z axis

drylin® R linear bearings.

Main criteria for selection:


Low cost

linear rail guides X axis
linear guide Y axis
linear bearings Z axis

Cable carriers - selection criteria

The cable carriers used were decided based on the available installation space. As a result, the length, width, height and bending radius of the cable carrier played an important role.

cable carriers

An enclosed system was required to protect the cable from dirt and damage. A Zipper-style energy chain from igus® was chosen to facilitate retrofitting in future.

enclosed cable carrier

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