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EC.PR position-dependent push/pull force measurement

Protect the entire length of travels of up to 1,000m

Avoid system-dependent imprecision for push/pull force monitoring systems on travels longer than 150 m.  System-dependent imprecision due to static force limits for travels > 150m are a thing of the past.  Now there is the new EC. PR module. Here, force limits are dynamically adjusted with information  from PLC control systems, OPC-UA servers, or analogue (4-20 mA) path measurement systems (Profinet /EC. PP). This reduces repair cost and effort; replacing a stacker reclaimer, for example, costs $30,000 or more.

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iSense EC.PR

Tech up with igus news

Tech up

  • Position-dependent reduction of maximum push/pull force limits at which the system is shut down – freely
    defined for each point along the travel.
  • Position information via additional modules from Siemens PLC, OPC-UA servers, or analogue or digital path measurement systems.

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Avoid unplanned repair costs such as $49,798 or more for replacing a stacker reclaimer.
  • Integration into existing control concepts and switch cabinets
  • Standard strain gauge sensors and load cells can be used in igus® floating moving ends

Evidence from igus news


Recycling with igus news


  • For example, save 32kg of CO² emissions for each repair deployment avoided. 2
  • Less raw material required thanks to the option of partial repair instead of complete replacement.
  • More about the igus® contribution to Plastic2Oil

Potential application areas

We have developed iglidur EC.PR for this purpose

  • Long travels > 150m in project business
  • Stacker - reclaimer
  • Automatic cranes
Sample can be delivered within 14 days for BETA TEST projects.  Delivery time for BETA test projects: 14 days

isense EC.PR position-dependent push/pull force measurement

1 igus® application at Tata Steel in Haldia, India with a travel of 480m and a chain length of 240m was able to avoid a replacement worth about $30,000
2Randomly chosen Mercedes vehicle built in 2015 with 160 grammes of CO²/km at a randomly defined 100-km departure/arrival

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