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drygear® strain wave gear RL-S-17

New generation of strain wave gears

New drylin strainwave gears offers compact, easy-to-assemble, and self-lubricating performance through the use of igus tribopolymer materials. The new drygear components feature optimized friction and backlash.  Ideal for end-of-arm tooling/grippers on linear robots, articulated arms, and delta robot systems.


  • Suitable for direct connection of NEMA17 stepper motors
  • Cost-effective automation solution
  • Adapter disc for flange-mounting of grippers available
  • Low maintenance due to self-lubricating high-performance plastics
  • Can be ordered as a bundle via the robotics platform

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drygear strain wave gear RL-S-17

Tech up

Tech up for igus strain wave gears

  • Improved generation of strain wave gears: 50% higher efficiency
  • Very light due to igus high-performance polymers
  • Extremely compact for integration as axis 5 in robotics
  • All-round improved performance and running performance

Cost down

Save costs with new strain wave gears

  • Cost-effective due to use of plastic
  • Quick and easy adaption as axis 5 in robolink DP
  • Compatibility with gripper systems of other robot manufacturers
  • Adapter disc of, among others, grippers and vision prepared



  • 28% higher efficiency
  • 94% higher load-bearing capacity
  • Torque fluctuations reduced by factor 3
  • Reduction of the breakaway torque by factor 2



  • Extremely low mass inertia as axis 5 in robotics
  • Completely self-lubricating operation

drygear® - tested and proven

28% higher efficiency, 47% improved breakaway torque, 54% less torque fluctuation

drygear_breakaway torque

drygear strain wave gear

For this purpose we have developed the drygear strain wave gear RL-S-17

The novel strain wave gear implements movements, for example on the robot axis 5, as well as many other durable and cost-effective automation applications. As part of the Low Cost Automation product range, this gearbox has also been developed on the basis of tribo-polymer technology. Due to their components, the igus strain wave gears are characterised by freedom from lubrication as well as friction and wear resistance. At the same time, the use of plastics enables an extremely compact design and cost-effective manufacture.  
As a result of active research and further development of the strain wave gear, operating smoothness, backlash and service life of the latest generation have been optimised further by means of improvements in the technical design and in the selection of materials. The new strain wave gear can also be adapted to a stepper motor or other motor types. It is based on the Nema 17 installation size and was developed in such a way that a high ratio of 28:1 can be shown. This has been tested in our own test laboratory at a service life of 1 million cycles, a load of 1.5Nm and a speed of 6rpm.  These development steps are already planned for the Nema 23 installation size.

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