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Farewell to back pain

Self-lubricating plastic bearings for ergonomic office chair

Slumping expressly permitted! This is the feature of this high-quality office chair from Nowy Styl GmbH, designed by the famous French architect, Françoise-Hélène Jourda. A healthy and stable spine is supported by the constant switch-over between the hollow and round back. Four patents are responsible for the exceptional seating comfort. Cost-efficient, self-lubricant and maintenance-free iglide® polymer plain bearings from igus® provide for the various settings for the absolutely essential smooth running.

"Research findings have proven that a leaning seating posture relieves the spine most appreciably in mild kyphosis," reports Corinna Graf, Marketing Manager at Nowy Styl GmbH in Ebermannsdorf. "Independent research has further shown that generally very few users use all available seat functions despite appropriate instructions available for their office chairs. " These findings have been incorporated into the development of the executive chair Galileo, whose settings are done to a large extent automatically. The internationally renowned French architect and designer Françoise-Hélène Jourda has added a distinctive look to it.
The office and contract furniture manufacturer has decided on iglide® plastic plain bearings from igus® instead of metal or needle bearings. They are self-lubricating and are therefore maintenance-free as well as extremely versatile and are available either from the catalog range or as a customized special solution from lot size 1. They are basically optimized for friction and wear coefficients. Besides the excellent price/performance ratio, the very quiet operation recommends their use in this high-quality office chair. Plain bearings made ​​of the materials iglide® J and iglide® G, as well as the iglide® J liners from the DryLin® R range for linear motions, prove their versatility.

Four-times patented seating furniture

Four patents have been incorporated into the inner life of Galileo, which in conjunction with the advancement of the proven and patented "Glide Tec" mechanism redefine ergonomic seating. The central element is the "Glide-Tec+" mechanism - a movable seating surface, which allows optimum mobility while sitting, in combination with a patented three-dimensional movable backrest. Added to this are the support of the ergonomically desirable switch-over between the hollow and round back by the patent for supported lordosis-kyphosis movement, as well as patents for a simplified seat depth adjustment and automatic weight adjustment.
The spinal column is relieved significantly. The advantages for the users are obvious. Better seating, easier relaxation and simpler handling. A nomination for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany was the result.

Self-Lubricanting plain bearings for kinematics

The powerful plastic plain bearings show their strength in the patented "Glide-Tec+" movement kinematics. The lordosis-kyphosis adaptation, a kind of artificial spinal column, is the special highlight of the chair. Movable plastic elements rest on two bent metal rods, which rotate as soon as the user leans back. Thereby the support elements are bent in such a way that the shape of the backrest fit exactly to each sitting position. It is one of the most flexible backrests in the world.
The rotary motion is implemented by plain bearings with flange made of the material with versatile use iglide® J. In this application with a hard chrome shaft, it is distinguished by maximum wear resistance and freedom from noise. Due to the necessary tolerance compensation and for reliably supporting the smooth running, to compensate for possible clearance and to achieve the required low noise, the plain bearings are pretensioned. "Squeaking, creaking or jerking should never occur in a chair of this price segment," says head of design, Franz Eckert.

The plain bearings in the office chair are designed for a weight of up to 440 pounds. Once the user sits down, the automatic weight measurement takes place. When this high pressure load occurs, the iglide® G material displays its strength. It is an economical universal bearing with flange, which is available from stock in more than 650 dimensions. The main design advantage in this application is that it continuously withstands high loads structurally without getting damaged.
In the seat depth adjustment, here a purely linear motion, JUM linear liners made from the material iglide® J display their strength. Due to the special web structure suited for linear movements, they have low friction coefficients ​​and with stainless steel as counter partner, have excellent running and noise behavior that are required in the long term. "The dreaded stick-slip effect doesn't occur at any point," said the head of design, pointing out a major aspect. "All settings work reliably and quietly." “
Positive aspects are also noted in the avoidance of lubrication. The high-quality office chair is available in numerous versions and is custom mounted at the office location. "Since the installer doesn't use grease, the risk of accidental soiling of very high quality seat or back upholstery is minimized," remarks Eckert.

Standard parts in focus

Standard plain bearings from the extensive igus® modular kit system, which contains the right bearing for almost any application, are exclusively used in the executive chair, which has been in the market since 2006. Special solutions for plain bearings should be avoided from the outset, in order to focus on the main theme - the ergonomics of the chair. Extensive sampling and technical consultations have taken place prior to the development. The bearings are then subjected to various tests in the in-house test facilities. Here the features of smooth running, low noise as well as ruggedness and durability have been the focus. "But only during real application on site do we see whether all requirements are met," says Eckert. "Today we can say that they have proven themselves. We haven't received any complaints so far. " Even when it comes to economy, the decision has paid off for the plastic bearings. The savings are estimated to be about 50 percent due to the use of igus® plain bearings.

Innovative designer office chair Galileo Corinna Graf (Nowy Styl) and Bernhard Hofstetter (igus®) show the innovative design of the office chair Galileo. The lordosis-kyphosis adaptation is the special highlight of the concept.
Seat depth adjustment JUM linear liners for seat depth adjustment. It works quietly and smoothly.
Shape of the backrest adjusts to the sitting position The shape of the backrest adjusts to the seating position with the help of plain bearings made ​​of iglide® J.
Permanently high pressure load iglide® G bearings continuously withstand the high pressure load during automatic setting and while sitting.
The office chair Galileo The office chair Galileo combines principles of modern aesthetics with ergonomic technology.

Cinema seat with popcorn chute

The polymer bearings are now successfully used in other chairs of the manufacturer. They ensure extreme durability in cinema seats, for example, which can by the way be equipped with a popcorn chute, so that it falls in the desired direction on the ground, facilitating the cleaning work. Here all rotatable bearing points are equipped with polymer bearings.
A triad of design, ergonomics and comfort has been implemented in the high quality office chair, Galileo. The features support the natural urge of people to move in the seats, and keep your back healthy. "Even slumping doesn't hurt," the marketing manager finally points out. The design head adds: "The polymer bearings help to implement the respective motion sequences easily." “

Brief portrait: All about chairs

The Nowy Styl Group is a leading manufacturer of office equipment and innovative seating solutions in Europe. The group employs more than 5,500 people and manufactures over 600,000 chairs per month. The German subsidiary based in the Upper Palatinate Ebermannsdorf brings under one roof the expertise of the brands Grammer Office, Forum Seating, Nowystyl and BNOffice Solution. The development of ergonomic seating techniques is the core competence of the Grammer Office brand. The company relies on working closely with the research division to implement solutions that are on the cutting edge of technology and ergonomics. People should sit comfortably in the office and can move naturally at any time, without being restricted by technology. Under the NOWY STYL brand, the company offers a wide range of chairs with the ideal price-performance ratio.
The BN OFFICE SOLUTION brand focuses on office furniture: modular, trendy and smart solutions. A large selection of soft seating and lounge furniture is also sold under the brand name.
The ROHDE & GRAHL brand is known worldwide for its Duo-back concept. In addition to ergonomic office chairs, the company continues to stand for high quality office furniture and customization.
FORUM SEATING is a service provider of professional designing of seating in cinemas, theaters, conference and lecture halls and sports halls and stadiums. Here you can find the right seating arrangement for the most demanding audiences.

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