The new pre-load screw nut

New thread sizes

Minimum axial clearance

Clearance-reduced pre-load lead screw nuts

Part No.Threadd1d2d3d4d5b1b2Max. axial load [N]

The dimensions of the new dryspin® pre-load lead screw nut at a glance

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The dimensions of the dryspin® lead screw drives

Suitable lead screw

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What should you do in the event of unwanted axial clearance?

Pre-load lead screw nut with dryspin® thread

  • Clean operation due to lubrication-free and maintenance-free properties
  • Minimum axial backlash without readjustment
  • Precise positioning and infeed movements
  • Smoother operation and fewer vibrations thanks to the combination of the dryspin® thread profile and the pretension of the lead screw nut
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