dryspin<sup>®</sup> lead</br>screws, nuts & </br> assemblies

Maintenance-Free Lead Screw Systems

Modular lead screw assemblies, customized for your specific requirements

  • Self-lubricating, engineered composite plastic nuts
  • Maintenance-free assemblies
  • No coatings or external lubricants required
  • Higher efficiency rating
  • Proprietary high helix lead screw design for higher speeds and optimize service life
  • Predictable service life

Tools & Configurators

Lead Screw Product Finder

Lead screw product finder

Lead Screw Configurator

drylin lead screw configurator

Lead Screw with Motors Expert

spindle motor expert

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High helix lead screw nuts

high helix lead screw nut
  • Cylindrical, flange & custom designs
  • Low friction, water & chemical resistant
  • Decrease cost by 50%, 7 materials available

High helix lead screws

high helix lead screws
  • Configurable online
  • Stainless steel, steel, or anodized aluminum
  • Up to 30% longer service life

Trapezoidal lead screw nuts

trapezoidal lead screw nuts
  • Cylindrical, flange & custom designs
  • Low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating
  • Decrease cost by 50.9% with 6 material types

Trapezoidal lead screws

trapezoidal lead screws
  • Aluminum, CF-15 steel & stainless steel options
  • Various thread types & double pin options
  • Right, left and opposed drive thread types

ACME nuts

ACME nuts
  • Dry-running & maintenance-free nuts
  • Hygienic, corrosion-resistant & lightweight
  • Long, predicatable service life & cost-effective

ACME lead screws

ACME lead screws
  • High precision performance in stainless steel
  • Durable due to cold-rolled manufacturing
  • Applicable in a wide variety of industries

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

  • igus® does stock screws between 500-3000mm. Depending on the diameter of the screw, and the application speed/load and orientation. At longer lengths resonance may become noticeable at higher speeds. Any quest.ions, contact our  Lead Screw Expert.

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