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xiros® plastic ball bearings continually tested in our lab

  • Eight test rigs
  • About 200 ball bearings running in parallel
  • Around 400 different experiments per year
  • Tests with a maximum speed of up to 6,000 rotations per minute
  • Tests with a maximum load of 300 Newton possible

xiros® service life calculator

Ball bearings configurator

Radial deep groove ball bearing test rig

  • Max speed: 5,000 rpm
  • Movement: outer race fixed, inner race rotates
  • Installation size: 6000
radial deep groove ball bearings test rig
xiros test lab DAQ measuring system & heating

Rotation test rig

  • Tests at high speeds and low loads (5,000 rpm, 10N)
  • Ongoing tests with our own xirodur D180 and iglide cage materials
  • Installation size: {N1}

Cage pocket evaluation

xiros ball bearing cage pocket evaluation & testing
iglide G300 test lab rotation testing
Ball bearing cage wear test results graph
ball bearing wear test graph