Application examples with smart plastics

Complete smart plastics package on RMG crane

smart plastics RMG crane

Which smart plastics technology is used?

  • Condition monitoring: EC.P for determining the push/pull forces, EC.B for determining chain breaks, CF.P for measuring the tensile force on cables, EC.M sensor for the movement data and EC.W sensor for measuring the abrasion on the energy chain.
  • Predictive maintenance:  i.Cee. local
    Why is it used?
    For maximum system protection, overview, maintenance management, product service life and safety.

Maintenance planning for linear robot

smart plastics in gantry crane

Sewage treatment plant pipelines prevent failures before they occur

EC.P in a wastewater treatment plant

Condition monitoring for automotive parts suppliers

Automotive parts supplier

Cable monitoring for bread packaging machinery

CF.Q in bread packaging equipment

Predictive maintenance in train washing station

i.Cee dashboard
smart plastics train washing station

Plain bearing bushings in agricultural machinery

Intelligent bearings in agricultural machinery

i.sense GLW display
Plain bearings in agricultural machinery

Smart e-chain® and cables

Smart Plastics e-chain® and cables

Smart bearing technology

Smart plain bearings

Smart Applications

Smart applications

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