Smart bearings technology

Hard on the outside, Smart on the inside

Test & creation of the 3D printing i.Sense bearing

  • Printed from 2 materials: igus tribo filament (white) and an especially conductive material (black)
  • The i.Sense technology can be implemented on any wear-resistant part with a minimum wall thickness of 2.5mm

i.Sense Sensors

  • Sensor for wear in drylin T linear systems (DLT.W)
  • Wear monitoring (DLW.W)
  • Integrated wear measurement (i.Sense plain bearing)
  • Sensor for wear in PRT slewing ring bearing (PRT. W)

Smart plastics sensors

Smart bearings

iglide® i.sense plain bearing

iglide® i.sense plain bearing

  • Wear-resistant with sensors
  • Longer service life
  • Maintenance-free tribo-polymer
  • For the heaviest duty applications
  • Travel distance up to 800m
  • Speeds higher than 5m/s
3D printed smart plain bearings

3D printed smart plain bearings

  • Wear-resistant parts with sensors
  • Warning when wear limit is reached
  • Warning before overload occurs
  • Predictable service life
  • No minimum order quantity
  • No lubrication necessary
smart iglidur® PRT slewing ring bearings

Smart PRT slewing ring bearings

  • Easy to install
  • Replaceable sliding elements
  • Sensor for wear (PRT. W)
  • For high loads, high rigidity
  • Housing made of aluminium
  • Predictable service life

Smart Linear Technology

drylin® W linear carriage with LED

drylin® W linear carriage LED

  • Easy handling and visualisation by LED
  • For drylin® W profile guides and linear modules
  • Available in 2 installation sizes: 10 and 16
  • Set of spare bearing liners available from stock
  • Bearing replacement with practical mounting tool
smart drylin® W carriage

The smart drylin® W carriage

  • Wear monitoring (DLW.W)
  • drylin® W LED carriage + drylin® W carriage offers predictive maintenance.
  • Maximum service life
  • Warning when wear limit is reached
drylin® W linear CAD

drylin® W linear Smart CAD

  • Easy online configuration with digital assistants
  • Reduce your process costs
  • Transfer data into your CAD application
  • Reliable calculation tools
  • 2D/3D CAD data in several formats
Smart plastics iCee
Smart plastics iCee

i.Cee LIVE Dashboard Demo!

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