Laying cables on the cobot made easy

Quick attachment of cobot cables

  • Each Cable Clip comes with a silicone-free Velcro tape with a length of either 500mm or 1000mm for attaching it. 
  • The length of the Velcro tape depends on the diameter of the object to which the clip is attached and how many pieces the Cable Clip is divided into. 
  • In the case of large diameters and a clip divided into three sections, the 1000mm Velcro tape is definitely the right choice.
Cable Clip with tape

Reasons for using the Cable Clip

  • Quick, easy installation on surfaces with a wide variety of shapes and diameters
  • Compact and lightweight type
  • Silicone-free
  • Perfect for applications that are often modified
  • Suitable for multiple use
  • Can be divided into up to three segments (buy 1x and attach cables to up to three points)
  • Already in use on cobots, industrial robots and other applications
  • Suitable for multiple use
  • Velcro tape instead of cable tiewrap
  • The Cable Clip can also be recycled in the igus® Chainge recycling program at the end of its life cycle.

Application areas

Cable Clip on UR

Fastening of the cables with Cable Clip and supplied Velcro tape

Cable Clip on the Rebel

Cable Clip on the igus Rebel® and attachment of the cables using cable tiewraps

Cable Clip blue on the power supply

Cable Clip with Velcro tape on the power supply to optimally organise and guide cables

Explanation of the Cable Clip

Installation of the Cable Clip

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Cobot clamp as a single part

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