Medical & lab equipment

No noise, no oil

igus® components are made from high-performance polymers. They are quiet, clean, dry running, and oil-free. They can withstand harsh chemicals and are low profile for limited installation spaces.

With more than 100,000 products available from stock, igus® has a huge range of cable carriers, continuous flex cables, as well as plastic bushings, spherical bearings, and linear slides. igus® has performed thousands of tests to determine the precise lifetime of these products in your application.

Whether you need anti-magnetic components for use in MRI systems, or resilient bearings for a prostheses, igus® has a wide range of products to choose from.

Special solutions for medical technology, cleanrooms and laboratory technology

Innovative motion plastics® solutions

Optical systems

Optical systems such as tabletop and surgical microscopes

Optical systems    

Laboratory automation

Sampler, specimen transport and pipetting devices or safety closures of centrifuges.

Laboratory automation    


Disposables with sterilization processes.


Dental technology and treatment units

X-ray and CAD/CAM systems, treatment chairs and storage and equipment racks.

Dental technology and treatment units    

Intensive care systems

Syringe pumps or ventilators.

Intensive care systems    

Diagnostic imaging (CT/MRI/X-ray)

Couch adjustments, circular movements, aperture systems.

Diagnostic imaging (CT/MRI/X-ray)    


Slit lamps and workplace systems.


Surgical facilities

Tables, table luminaires, plug-in devices, monitor supports and medical tools.

Surgical facilities    

Nursing and hospital beds

Adjustment mechanics and safety devices.

Nursing and hospital beds    

Rehabilitation systems

Bathing and patient lifts, wheelchair lifts, movement trainers.

Rehabilitation systems    

Sterile product packaging

Sterile product packaging and handling in the cleanroom.

Sterile product packaging    

Sterile product processing

Autoclaves or gas sterilization.

Sterile product processing    


Scissor-lift mechanisms, adjustable supports, chassis components.


Custom parts

Custom parts tailor-made especially for you.

Custom parts    

Current topics for medical, cleanroom and laboratory technology

Application examples

igus® products have been used in many applications in medical technology and lab equipment.

Application examples    

Quality from igus®

Quality from the igus® laboratory: tested thousands of times, proven millions of times.

Quality from igus®    

Request a plastic bearings dry-tech box

iglide® - the benefits at a glance. Our new dry-tech® sample box allows you to quickly find the matching bearing for your application.

Request a plastic bearings dry-tech box    

Product highlights

iglide® bearings

iglide g300 plastic bushings  

iglide® G300

The all-rounder

Maintenance-free, dry operation

High wear resistance

Over 650 sizes available from stock

iglide J plastic bushings  

iglide® J

Fast and slow motion

Low wear against many shaft materials

Low coefficients of friction in dry operation

Best performance with soft shafts

iglide t500 plastic bushings  

iglide® T500

The high-tech problem solver

Resistant to temperatures from -148°F to 482°F

Universal chemical resistance

Very low moisture absorption

iglide a180 plastic bushings  

iglide® A180

FDA compliant

Complies with FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) requirements

Water resistant

iglide a500 plastic bushings  

iglide® A500

Food industry

Compliant with FDA regulations

Excellent chemical resistance

Resistant to temperatures from -148°F to 482°F

Slewing ring bearing  

iglide® PRT

Slewing ring

Zero maintenance required

Usable in any environment

Simple assembly

Replaceable sliding elements instead of ball bearings

High wear resistance

Extremely high loads possible

iglide JVSM pre-tensioned bushing  

iglide® JVSM


pre-tensioned bushing

Clearance-free, even in unloaded state

Material: iglide® J


predictable service life

xiros plastic ball bearings  


Plastic ball bearings

For rotational speeds that exceed the limit of a plain bearing

Corrosion and chemical resistant

For temperatures up to 302°F


FDA compliant

igubal® spherical bearings

igubal® rod end bearings

Rod end bearings, angle joints, axial joints and accessories

igubal® rod end bearings    

igubal® pillow block bearings

Product overview for igubal® pillow block bearings.

igubal® pillow block bearings    

drylin® linear guides

drylin profile rail guide  

drylin® T

Profile rail guides

Corrosion-free, wear-resistant, low coefficient of friction.

Modular linear guide  

drylin® W

Modular linear guide system

Maintenance-free linear guides with numerous installation options.

Leadscrew table  

drylin® HTS

Leadscrew tables

Maintenance-free leadscrew tables in different material and shaft combinations. Pre-assembled and available from stock.

belt drive  

drylin® ZLW

Belt drive

Quickly position small loads.

low profile linear slide  

drylin® N

Low profile linear slides

Profile rails. Dry operation and freedom from maintenance for small installation spaces.

adjustable linear guide  

drylin® W

Linear guides with “Turn-To-Fit”

drylin® W linear guide with adjustable bearing clearance. "Turn-To-Fit" design.

energy chain® cable carriers and chainflex® cables

igus® energy chain® cable carriers, or cable tracks, are the umbilical cord of modern machines. They guide and protect moving cables and hoses on automated equipment and reduce downtime as a result.

energy chain® cable carrier product overview

An overview of all the complete cable carrier range.

energy chain® cable carrier product overview    


IPA tests confirm standard-material cable carriers from igus® are sufficient for cleanroom requirements.

white cable carrier  

White E2 E-Tube

Enclosed cable carrier

Fully enclosed

Chemical resistant

Smooth surface

Easy installation

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