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e-chain® cable carrier applications

E-Z Chain® applications

Igus Product

E-Z Chain® Cable Carrier has a flexible opening along its length through which cables and hoses can be pushed, saving installation time.

Zipper Chain applications

Igus Product

Zipper-style cable carriers have a "zipper" which drastically shortens installation time by unzipping all the lids in one go.

E2 Micro applications

Igus Product

E2 Micro energy chain cable carriers are small, lightweight, one-piece cable carriers for highly dynamic applications.

E2 Mini applications

Igus Product

E2 Mini cable carriers are ideal for highly dynamic applications.

E2/000 applications

Igus Product

System E2/000 energy chain cable carriers offer easy assembly combined with a rugged construction, low-noise operation, and long service life for cables.

E2 Tube applications

Igus Product

Energy Tubes are suitable for work areas subject to the hot chips, dirt and dust generated by woodworking, metalworking, pulp, textile, agriculture, and coal industries.

E4/100 applications

Igus Product

System E4/100 cable carriers are a reliable choice for most applications. Assembly and dis-assembly are simple and the design means noise levels are kept low.

E4/4 applications

Igus Product

System E4/4 cable carriers can be used for extremely long travels and for unsupported, side-mounted applications.

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