Guidelok slimline "P" and "P. S": made entirely of plastic

Cable Manager Vertical - Lower-cost, lighter and even easier to install


  • Significant savings in costs and weight when compared with a complete housing
  • Now for especially narrow aisles as well
  • This also means low transport costs
  • Fast, safe and easy assembly with clip-on guide rails
  • Reduced noise
  • Easy access for servicing
  • Energy, data and media are guided in one system safely and without interruption

Shop Guidelok slimline P Dimensions [mm]

part. no. guidelok Pe-chain®-series [mm]Inner width [mm]Bending radii [mm]

Shop Guidelok slimline P.S: Dimensions [mm]

part. no. guidelok P.Se-chain®-series [mm]Inner width [mm]Bending radii [mm]

Previous model: guidelok slimline "F": Up to 23 ft/s and 33 ft/s2

  • Up to 23 ft/s und 33 ft/s2.
  • Save up to 80% troughs.
  • For hanging applications up to 164 ft.
  • No swinging of the chain®, high reliability due to the locking mechanism and guide rails.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Reduced noise.
  • Easy access for servicing.
  • Energy, data and media in one system

Shop Guidelok slimline "Classic" Dimensions [mm]

part. no. guidelok slimeline "Classic"e-chain®-series [mm]Inner width [mm]Bending radii [mm]Max. Speed: Vertical [m/s]Max. Speed: Horizontal [m/s]

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