The Ideal Cable Carrier Solution for Circular Motion


  • Minimum installation space - very lean installation around the rotating axis
  • Can be reliably used in various installation orientations (horizontal or vertical)
  • Low-cost
  • Easily filled
  • Ideal in combination with igus® chainflex® cables for rotary motions in very limited installation spaces
  • Available in 5 dimensions
  • 7,000°* and more horizontal rotary motion, and up to 3,000° in the vertical installation orientation
  • Rotary speeds up to 360°/s are conceivable
  • Compact, modular and lightweight
  • Bands can be shortened easily

Shop twisterband below:

Integrable hinge: Simple access and quick filling with cable

Circular Motion

Maximum angle of rotation as a rule of thumb: Hinge for each

Circular Motion

An axis is to be centrally installed for angles of rotation

Circular Motion

Minimum installation space


Compact, modular and cost effective- horizontal: 7,000° and


Usable in various installation orientations: shown here: hor


Horizontal Rotations up to 7000° & Vertical Rotation up to 3000°


twisterband: Compact, modular, economical

Rotary movements in minimum space - 20 times on its own axis

When to use twisterband:

  • Realizable in the smallest space
  • Rotary speeds up to 180°/s are conceivable
  • Available in 5 dimensions
  • Partially available with interior separation (depends on Series)
  • Very easy to fill, with snap-openintegral hinges or "easy" design system (according to the series)
  • Limited length compensation possible

When should I take a different series?

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