Low-vibration, low-noise and abrasion-free e-chain® cable carriers


E6.1 series
  • Inner height: 29 to 80mm
  • Openable/removable from both sides along the inner/outer radius, removable along inner/outer radius
  • Removable along the inner/outer radius
  • Extremely quiet 32 dB(A)
  • High push/pull forces, virtually no wear or abrasion
  • Suitable for ISO class 1 cleanroom use
  • Low-priced, 30% less weight than E6


  • Low-noise, 37 dB(A) depending on speed
  • Snap-open along the inner or outer radius
  • Available as enclosed tubes
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • For high speeds/accelerations
  • Modular design, can be shortened/lengthened
  • Minimal vibrations in operation
  • High stability/tensile strength
  • Interior separators & KMA mounting brackets options available


  • Protection from minor contamination, weld splatter, harsh environments, dirt and chips
  • Inner height: 28 to 52mm
  • Enclosed system, closed tubes
  • Quiet operation, Low wear
  • If a low-noise version is required
  • For very high speeds and/or accelerations
  • For small bending radii
  • If less vibration is required
  • Minimal abrasion, suitable for cleanrooms


T3 system
  • Inner height: 29mm
  • Crossbars removable along the inner & outer radius
  • Very lightweight, minimal abrasion
  • Small bend radius & smallest installation spaces
  • Quiet 33 dB(A), Cleanroom ISO class 2
  • Extremely low noise & low vibration
  • Cost-effective e-chain® for simple applications
  • For high speeds/acceleration
  • With separators, strain reliefs, mounting brackets


  • Inner height: 10 to 22mm, Quiet 38 dB(A)
  • Crossbars on strip, zip-open along outer radius
  • Crossbars, interior separation, links in one band
  • Highly dynamic & cleanroom capatible
  • Modular chain made of three elements
  • Cost-efficient crossbar/separator "on the band"
  • Easier access to cables with zipper system
  • Good stability through stable, interlocked links
  • Easy to shorten or lengthen, ideal for flat cables
  • Separators, strain reliefs, mounting brackets


  • Cleanroom energy supply, completely closed
  • Inner height: 28 to 40mm
  • Reclosable opening mechanism (zipper)
  • Less installation space required
  • Quiet, abrasion, dust & water-resistant
  • 2nd in 2018 Fraunhofer clean technology awards
  • IPA classification ISO Class 1, Report No. IG 1907-1125
  • Compact & modular design, can be shortened
  • Easy to install, open & flexible filling

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