Low-cost, easy to fill cable carriers for small, confined installation spaces

E2 micro - small installation spaces

E2.1 micro
  • E2 micro inner height:  5 - 15.6mm
  • E2.1 micro inner height:  10.1 - 14.9mm
  • Integrated brake for smooth, quiet running
  • 25% longer unsupported length and 100% higher fill weight in comparison to identical design
  • Optional opener tool for quick close/open

E2 mini - small and stable

e2 mini
  • Inner height: 17 to 41mm
  • Closed, openable along the outer and inner radius
  • Small pitch for silent operation
  • High torsion resistance, easy to mount
  • large pins for long service life
  • Manifold interior separation

E-Z chain - easy to fill, cost-effective

E-Z chain
  • Inner height: 5 to 48.5mm
  • Available as fillable along the outer/inner radius
  • Simply press in or pull out cables
  • As available with multi-chamber design
  • UL94-V2 classification

Zipper - quick installation

  • Inner height: 9 to 32mm
  • Crossbars on a strip along the outer radius
  • Quiet running thanks to the chain links' small pitch
  • Also available as a closed "tube version"
  • iF Design Award for zipper-like design

E1 - modular, one-piece chain

  • Length of each chain band: 255 mm
  • Can be shortened or lengthened as required through injection-molded, modular chain band
  • Easy snap-open, easy to shorten/lengthen
  • Fastening potential by the bore on the chain band
  • Cost-effective solution for large numbers

Snapchain - easy fill, cost-effective

  • Quickly mount cable packets in bundles
  • Loops can be adjusted and modified anytime
  • Well-suited for short lengths, ideally 5 - 10 links
  • Low-cost alternative to complex cable shears
  • Snap-open along inner and outer radius
  • Can bend in 1 or 2 directions (RBR)

OCR - office e-chain

  • Home office & desk cable management
  • Magnetic mounting clips for easy attachment
  • Simply push to insert the cable and pull to remove
  • 3 (round) / 2 (square) chambers for simple separation
  • Flexible and locking links

e-rib - corrugated tubes

  • Less installation space required
  • Can be easily retrofitted
  • Independent of hose manufacturer
  • Prevents unintentional sideways movement
  • 3 sizes for nominal hose widths NW23, NW29 and NW36

E2/000 - two-piece for versatility

  • Quickly opened from the right or left with a screwdriver or by hand - opening mechanism accessible from above
  • Lightning fast installation using thumb - safe seat without additional closing mechanism

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