trough clip

Trough clip

Energy supply for static cables. Trough clip, guides cable along the guide trough

  • Easy assembly
  • Cable laying on the outside of the igus aluminum Super Trough
  • Simple snap-on hook locking mechanism
  • Strain relief with cable tiewraps is possible
Trough clip
  1. Practical cable guidance for the outside of igus® aluminum troughs.
  2. Suitable for all igus® super aluminum troughs.

The trough clips can be used with the following troughs:

Trough clip
  • 971.30.SL(A)
  • 972.02.30.SL(A)
  • 972.30.SL(A)
  • 972.30.SL(A)
  • 972.30.SL(A)
  • 973.30.SL(A)
  • 974.30.SL(A)
  • 975.30.SL(A)

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Trough clip

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