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chainflex® Applications:

Woodworking machining center

Igus Product

Pre-assembled 5150 cable carriers for woodworking machining center. These CNC machining centers feature high performance machines with impressive capacities and imposing dimensions.

Turning-and-grinding machine

Igus Product

Read about how this machining center uses seven cable carrier systems: Six move the axles, and one is responsible for supplying the control cabinet.

Amusement park ride

Igus Product

Learn how a readychain® pre-assembled cable carrier system withstands extreme weather while safely operating within a white-water rafting ride elevator.

flizz® sewage treatment plant

Igus Product

A FLIZZ® cable carrier system and Chainflex continuous-flex cables are used in this sewage treatment plant instead of a cable drum and have been operating smoothly since 2000.

Subway train door

Igus Product

Read about how pre-assembled control cables from readycable® empower the pneumatically operated passenger doors on subway trains.

Stacking unit for phosphorous screens

Igus Product

Read about how pre-assembled control cables from readycable® have reduced downtime and cut costs for an international electronics company.

Roller cable carriers for a composting plant

Igus Product

Cable carriers and continuous-flex cables operating despite extreme, dirty conditions in a compost plant.

Ship-to-shore cranes cable carrier

Igus Product

12 ship-to-shore cranes in Asia have been equipped with energy chain cable carriers and Chainflex® continuous-flex cables...