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Test 3841 - CF21

Igus Product

CF21 servo cable lasts more than 53 million strokes at 20% under-bending

Test 3105 - CFROBOT5.501

Igus Product

Robot FOC CFROBOT5.501 glass fiber cable withstands more than 28 million cycles at +/- 180°/ft torsion.

Test 2233 - CF5.10.25

Igus Product

Control cable lasts more than 41 million double strokes

Test 3089 - CFBUS.045

Igus Product

Bus cable lasts more than 76 million double strokes in endurance test

Test 3621 - CF98.05.04

Test 4009 - CF THERMO. K001

Igus Product

Thermal compensation cable CFTHERMO.K001 lasts more than 97 million strokes at a 1.89 in (48 mm) radius.

Test 4011 - fiber optic cables CFLG.2LB

Test 4248 – CF9.07.12

Igus Product

TPE control cable lasts >700,000 cycles on 2.36 in (60 mm) guide roller – without corkscrew.

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