The 2:1 Rule and How to Define Fixed and Floating Bearings

When using drylin®, it is important to ensure that all acting forces follow the 2:1 rule.

Defining a Fixed and Floating Side

drylin 2:1 rule

Fixed – floating systems provide many benefits such as:

  • optimizing the 2:1 ratio;
  • reducing the drive power needed to move the system (i.e. you can use a smaller motor, cylinder, etc.);
  • minimizing wear so the bearings will last longer;
  • increasing the maximum permissible velocity;
  • maintaining better precision (floating bearings) in the system over its lifetime; and
  • compensating for angular rail misalignments (floating bearings) so if a drive force is located in the center of the two rails, it is still beneficial to specify a floating side.

Frequently Asked Questions

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