3D Printed Polymer Parts in Customer Applications

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iglide® gears

iglide® bearings

drypsin® lead screw nuts

drylin® linear rails and slides

e-chain® cable carriers

grippers, robotic arms, etc.

iglide® gears

Tractor Gears

Maintenance crew uses 3D printed replacement motor gear for tractor

Gears for Firetruck
Gear for Shop Window
Gear in Medicine Dispenser
Gear for Astrophotography Camera
electric bike pedal gearbox
vintage car speedometer
Racecar Pinion Gear
electric car charging station
Electric Bike Sprocket Pinions

iglide® bearings

waste sorting robot

Waste separating robot application that uses 3D printed iglide® plain bearings

Baby carriage that use 3D printed bearings in machine wheels

dryspin® lead screws and nuts

coffee machine

3D printed lead screws for automatically adjustable tray in coffee machines

spooling machine

3D printed lead screws as a replacement in spooling textile machines

drylin® linear rails and slides

Linear Rails for profile saw

Linear Rails for a Profile Saw

e-chain® cable carriers

custom mounting bracket

Functional mounting bracket for cable carriers directly from the 3D printer

adapter clip

Glide Pad Adapter Clips for Cable Carriers

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