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3D printed lead screw threads and nuts

Why use iglide® 3D printed threads from?

  • Quick manufacture of individual threads without a tap
  • Maintenance costs are reduced because solid lubricants have been incorporated, eliminating the need for additional lubrication 
  • Ideal for moving applications: laboratory tests show very low coefficients of wear and little friction
  • Individual lead screw nut geometries available
  • Free-of-charge CAD configurator for trapezoidal lead screw nuts

Additively manufactured threads offer almost unlimited opportunities for customized geometries. igus® 3D printing materials are suitable for any type of drive thread and expand the scope for innovative solutions and optimization for any machine.
While threads can theoretically be manufactured from any plastic with any additive method, iglide® I3 has been specially developed for this type of application. Threads made from it have up to 18 times the abrasion resistance of identical parts made of standard 3D printed plastics, since high-performance igus® plastics are slide-optimized and wear-resistant. Their use also greatly reduces the necessity for maintenance, since iglide® materials contain solid lubricants that eliminate the need for additional lubrication.

Configure and order 3D printed threads online

Trapezoidal lead screw nut configurator

CAD configurator for threads

  • Basic shapes available as a template
  • With or without flange
  • No previous knowledge required (Instruction)

Lead screw nut CAD configurator

Online 3D printing service

Order 3D printed threads online

  • Upload of 3D CAD models
  • Determine prices and delivery times immediately
  • Direct ordering or ask for a quotation

3D-printing service

Custom threads for dryspin® lead screws

Special threads for dryspin®

  • Special solutions of iglide® materials for dryspin® lead screws
  • Patented dryspin® technology

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3D printed thread wear test

3D printed thread wear test

Wear: additively manufactured lead screw nuts compared to ABS and injection moulded parts

Learn about lead screw nut wear test

iglide 3D printing sample box

Plastic lead screw nut sample box

Find out for yourself: free-of-charge sample box with examples of materials and products

Self-lubricating lead screw technology from the largest online thread shop in the world

Lead screw drives made of iglide® plastics

Trapezoidal, high helix, and metric threads of high performance plastics with more than 5,000 variants available directly from stock. Discover drylin® catalog parts, special solutions and configurators for threads, lead screw nuts, and lead screw drives as complete solutions.  
dryspin® thread technology: High efficiency and low wear
The patented dryspin® high helix thread technology was developed by igus® and offers numerous advantages over conventional high helix threads:

  • The flat thread angle converts the exerted power efficiently to a translational movement.
  • The harmonized geometries of plastic nut and lead screw give high helix threads an especially long service life and high efficiency.
  • The rounded tooth geometry allows the thread systems to operate quietly and without vibration under load.
  • The larger spaces between the individual threads increase the share of slide-optimized plastic in the threads by a factor of 1.3. This effect and greater efficiency allow a service life that is up to five times as long as that of conventional high helix threads.

Learn more about dryspin® lead screws and nuts

3D printed thread wear test

Test stand for lead screw nuts

3D printed thread test

We have compared 3D printed lead screw nuts made of iglide® 3D printing materials and ABS (standard 3D printing material) to determine the wear rates of the different plastics. Of the igus® 3D printing materials, nuts made of iglide® I180, iglide® J260, and iglide® I3 were tested. The 3D printed parts were also compared with a milled nut made of iglide® J. The test was run with the following parameters: F = 129 N; I = 370 mm; n = 290 rpm

iglide® I3 is 18 times as wear-resistant as ABS

3D printed thread comparison with ABS

The durability of igus® special plastics is also outstanding in the 3D printing manufacture of lead screw nuts. Compared to the classic 3D printing ABS plastic, the lead screw nut printed from iglide® I3 friction-optimized polymer made a good showing – the wear rate of a lead screw nut printed from the iglide® I3 laser sintering material is lower by a factor of 18. The test results for the laser sintered nut are also very similar to conventionally manufactured nuts made from iglide® J.

Free-of-charge CAD configurator for lead screw nuts

How to design the perfect lead screw nuts for your application:

  1. Select the desired trapezoidal lead screw nut shape.
  2. Select the thread direction and type.
  3. Indicate the width and outer diameter.
    The 360° view is updated to reflect your entries.
  4. Download the file in the desired format, add it to your CAD software, and edit it further or upload it directly in STEP format to our 3D printing service and order the part.  

Use the configurator

Thread manufacture

Printed female threads:
female threads can be additively manufactured starting at size M6. Smaller threads require a check by our engineers, but there will be an additional charge for the necessary cleaning.  The thread design must be finished in the 3D model upon order. Observe the 0.1 mm clearance for female threads.

Cut threads:
Small threads can be cut later in mechanical processing. The blind hole must be taken into account in the 3D model during design. About $1 per thread will be charged extra for rework.
Metallic inserts (fastening threads only):
For greater tightening forces, 3D printed components can be equipped with metallic thread inserts. Size M3 to M6 inserts are always available.

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3D printing material for threads

3D printing material for threads and lead screw nuts

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  • 3D printing material for special requirements (food safe, high temperatures, ESD, flame retardant, etc.)

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