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Reduce costs with
iglide® plain bearings
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Five reasons to use iglide® plain bearings in automobiles

1. iglide® plain bearings reduce costs by up to 40%

Ongoing pricing pressure is forcing OEMs and parts suppliers to optimize their costs continually. Low-cost tribo-polymers are a commonly used alternative to expensive metal bearings.
Today, almost every motor vehicle that is made contains polymer bearings as a substitute for metal plain bearings and rolling bearings. Uses range from seat systems to thermally stressful applications within the engine compartment; in shift forks for gearboxes, in coolant pumps, or in the powertrain.
Why are polymer bearings more cost-effective than metal rolled bearings?

  • Less energy required in the manufacturing process
  • 11,000 litres of crude oil are needed to make 1 m³ of steel; for 1 m³ of plastic, only 1,000 litres of crude oil are needed 
  • Short cycle times during processing
  • Greater amount produced per cycle due to multiple activities in the injection-moulding procedure
  • Due to precise manufacturing, downstream manufacturing stages are usually unnecessary.

Reduce costs with iglidur® plain bearings

2. Save up to 80% weight

Reduce weight with iglide® plain bearings

Legal requirements are necessitating the continuous reduction of vehicle emissions. One way of achieving this is vehicle weight reduction. This results in a further advantage: less weight leads to less fuel consumption.
A modern iglide® polymer bearing is up to 80% lighter than a conventional metal bearing. The number of bearing points has grown continually alongside the increase in vehicle complexity. This means that weight is an important factor to be considered when the bearing material is selected.
This is where iglide® polymer bearings display their advantage: they weigh less than metal bearings and therefore contribute towards the reduction of carbon-dioxide emissions. In addition, considerably less crude oil and therefore less energy is needed for their manufacture. Even in use, they do not require any additional lubricant.
For alternative drive concepts as well, the advantages of iglide® bearings are decisive. This is where lightweight and extremely quiet components that generate less unpleasant noise during operation and enhance driving comfort are called for.

3. Reduce noise—buzz, squeaks and rattles

What is buzz, squeak and rattle (BSR)?

BSR are all noises that are produced by components and assemblies in the motor vehicle. The expectations of the OEMs in this context are increasing continually. In the case of alternative drives such as the hybrid or electric motor, the noise of the drive is reduced, as a result of which noises inside the vehicle are masked to a much lesser extent by a loud combustion engine. At the same time, it is becoming quieter and quieter inside motor vehicles.

How do iglide® plain bearings reduce noise?
Noises always arise where components interact with each other, in other words where friction occurs. With the tribologically optimised high-performance polymers from igus, you achieve an especially low coefficient of friction and therefore a quiet application. Highly engineered polymers are characterised by the fact that, unlike metal, it has a damping effect. In applications involving severe vibrational stress, a polymer bearing solution helps to reduce noise inside motor vehicles. The range of materials developed by igus includes materials that have especially good damping properties.

noise automotive

4. Self-calibration

Self-calibration due to heat treatment

Plain bearings are used in the interior of vehicles, for instance in hinges, car bonnet mechanisms and seats. Here there are often rough mounts and collared grooves. iglidur plain bearings calibrate themselves due to the effect of heat in the CDC process and ensure that they fit in place exactly.
If you choose cost-effective iglidur plain bearings, you decide in favour of a quiet, lubrication and corrosion-free solution. Electrically conductive iglide materials ensure an optimum coating result. Irrespective of whether your application is exposed to high temperatures, contact with media or wear-intensive conditions – iglide® plain bearings are nearly always a good alternative.

How does self-calibration work?

5) Flexible installation concepts

igus® manufactures custom bearings in any shape daily, including flexible iglide® clip bearings for fast installation in sheet metal.

iglide® automotive applications

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  • Individually manufactured coupling joint
  • Energy chain with cable

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