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autoglide 5 - energy and data transmission installed in one hour

autoglide 5 - Energy chains with steel cable floor guide

Save 88% assembly time with cost-effective energy chain for intralogistics and crane systems

The igus system autoglide 5 transmits energy, data, liquids and air safely and practically maintenance-free in a system at a cost-effective price.
Technical data:

Travel Speed Noise
during operation
80m 4 m/s 63dB(A)
at 2m/s

Tech up

Tech up

  • Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system
  • Often saves two or more other systems for transmitting data
  • 4m/s speed
  • 80m travel
  • Quiet operation: 63db(A) at 2m/s
  • 50% hall floor remains free, no guide trough needed

Cost down

Cost down

  • Assembly times 88% shorter than those for a conventional standard solution with guide troughs
  • From €49/metre, ready for installation incl. e-chain 2400.07AG.075.0, steel cable guide, harnessed bus cable and 5 single cores of 6mm each2
  • Available as a harnessed system with cables, hoses and connectors
  • Less maintenance and cleaning requirements



  • Tested in the igus laboratory and also by our customer, Company Beewen GmbH, installed
  • Suitable for other industries and applications: storage and retrieval units, indoor cranes, port operators, sports facilities, theatres, machine tools, linear robots



  • Energy consumption for autoglide 5 manufacture is 64% lower than that of an energy chain with aluminium trough on a 50m travel
  • To recycle integrated energy chain through the igus chainge programme free of charge
  • More on the igus contribution to Plastic2Oil

Additional components

Dampening elements

Reduces rolling noise and makes operation smoother

  • Rolling noise reduced by 3dB(A) at 1m/s
  • Quieter operation
  • Simply insert into the track holder
  • Time-saving retrofit

Fixed end bridge

Reduce cable length and save costs

  • Centre infeed/reverse energy supply possible
  • Shorter cable lengths
  • Saves cable length

Product range:


Complete solution

[Travel: 10 - 60m]

1 complete set consists of:
+ 2400.07AG5 energy chain
+ AG5 and AG individual parts
+ separators every 2nd link, pre-assembled
+ track holder for AG
+ upper run guide
+ mounting brackets for moving end
+ steel wire cable
+ cable tensioning unit
+ fixed end module
+ installation/mounting instructions

To the shop

Two-part energy chain

Part No.Inner heightInner widthBend radius*** 
2400.05AG5*25 mm57 mm075/100/125/150mm Submit an enquiry now
2600.07AG5*35 mm75 mm075mm Submit an enquiry now
2600.10AG5*35 mm100 mm075mm Submit an enquiry now

Four-part energy chain
Part No.Inner heightInner widthBend radius*** 
E4.32.10AG5*32 mm100 mm100/125/150/175/200mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.32.112AG5*32 mm112 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.32.12AG5*32 mm125 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.32.15AG5*32 mm150 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.32.17AG5*32 mm167 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.32.20AG5*32 mm200 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.32.262AG5*32 mm262 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.10AG5*42 mm100 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.112AG5*42 mm112 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.12AG5*42 mm125 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.15AG5*42 mm150 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.17AG5*42 mm167 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.20AG5*42 mm200 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now
E4.42.262AG5*42 mm262 mm125mm Submit an enquiry now

Roller energy chain
Part No.Inner heightInner widthBend radius*** 
P4.32.10AG5*32 mm100 mm150/200mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.10AG5*32 mm100 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.112AG5*32 mm112 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.12AG5*32 mm125 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.15AG5*32 mm150 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.17AG5*32 mm167 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.20AG5*32 mm200 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.32.262AG5*32 mm262 mm150mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.10AG5*42 mm100 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.112AG5*42 mm112 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.12AG5*42 mm125 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.15AG5*42 mm150 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.17AG5*42 mm167 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.20AG5*42 mm200 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now
P4.42.262AG5*42 mm262 mm100mm Submit an enquiry now

*Available from Spring 2021
**Available from stock
*** Large bend radii upon request

White paper: Energy chain with steel-rope guide as an alternative to a busbar?

Up to now, many users have been relying on busbars to supply power to indoor and outdoor cranes, electric trains and storage and retrieval units.  A similar price to that of a busbar but with advantages in regard to installation, modularity and maintenance. autoglide 5 combines the best of both worlds. Read more in the white paper "Energy chain with steel-rope guide as an alternative to a busbar?"

Download white paper now

User problem:

Up to now, many have been relying on busbar systems for power and data transmission in tight, compact spaces and for fast lane movements, for example in storage and retrieval units. These are very simple in construction and very cost-effective. Their major disadvantage is that they are expensive to maintain, can only be used for power transmission as standard and must be cleaned regularly to avoid contact faults. Furthermore, they can ususally only transmit energy.

Christian Strauch, Industry Manager Material Handling, introduces autoglide 5

Your advantages of using autoglide 5:

  • Can easily be installed in the aisle on a rope or a profile
  • Cost-effective price
  • 88% shorter assembly time compared to aluminium troughs
  • Long-lasting, maintenance-free and easy to clean
  • Energy, data, air and liquids in ONE system
  • 4m/s speed
  • 80m travel
  • Quiet operation: 63db(A) at 2m/s
  • Hall floor remains free, no guide trough needed
  • Available as harnessed system with cables, hoses and connectors

autoglide 5

How does it work?

The metal rope included in delivery is stretched across the floor. Alternatively, guidance via a plastic rope or a profile is also possible.
The e-chain can travel safely on the rope. The underside of the chain links has a guide element in the middle, so that the energy chain can rest safely on the rope. autoglide elements ensure wear-resistant and precise rolling of the upper run of the chain.

The installation of autoglide 5 and the interview with the company Beewen
Installation video of autoglide 5. Assembly in just a few steps.

Installation instructions

The illustrated assembly aid enables you to assemble the autoglide 5 quickly and professionally.  

Installation instructions for autoglide 5

autoglide 5 in storage and retrieval units

autoglide 5 for many industries and applications

The autoglide 5 system is not only of interest for storage and retrieval units, mini loads or other applications in material handling. Together with you, we develop concepts and prototypes that can be efficiently realised with the modular design of autoglide 5, the wide range of igus energy chains and cables as well as our experience. What parameters are essential for you? What speed, filling or travel is there in your application? Ask us and together we will develop a solution for your application that lowers costs and improves technology.

Request autoglide 5 now

Questions and answers

Which chain type serves as the basis for the new autoglide 5? The basis is the model 2400 with 77mm width and 75mm bend radius. Other widths and radii are of course also possible.
What is the service life of the autoglide 5? As with all e-chains, we are aiming for the 10 million cycles or 10,000km. The tests for a guaranteed statement are still running in our laboratory. 

Can I replace the crossbars if they wear out? Yes, because the special crossbars can simply be opened. Should they ever wear out, they can be easily replaced.
Can I also use a plastic rope? We are currently testing the use of a plastic rope.

autoglide 5 profile

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Application example with autoglide

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