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The chainflex cable test lab provides UL verified cable guarantee

Testing the service life of flexible cables in various applications for 25 years

The 41,000 sq. ft. igus® test facility- the largest in the industry- is where chainflex® innovations are born. It is here where two billion test cycles occur annually to extend service life, eliminate maintenance, reduce costs and optimize overall performance of the cables. Individual cables, complete systems and even customer applications, upon request, are tested under real-world conditions. Factors including travel directions, torsion and abrasion-resistance are also examined. 
As a baseline, igus® primarily assesses 4 different types of tests with the objective of providing the best possible chainflex® cable:  
1)  Material tests on conductors, insulation and jackets
2)  Inspections on new superstructures, manufacturing processes and other related impacts on durability
3)  In-process quality tests according to certain selection algorithms
4)  Long-term service life tests to determine actual maximum service life before failure is detected
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Test 4003 - CF113.02.05.02

CF113 data cable lasts more than 65 million strokes at a bending radius of 48 mm.

Test 3479 - CF11.D

CF11.D chainflex® measurement system cable lasts more than 66 million strokes at a bending radius of 75 mm.

Test 3841 - CF21

CF21 servo cable lasts more than 53 million strokes at 20% under-bending.

Test 3105 - CFROBOT5.501

Robot FOC CFROBOT5.501 glass fiber cable withstands more than 28 million cycles at +/- 180°/ft torsion.

Test 2233 - CF5.10.25

Control cable CF5.10.25 survives more than 41 million double strokes with 25% lower bending.

Test 3089 - CFBUS.045

Bus cable CFBUS.045 has withstood more than 76 million double strokes in the endurance test.

Test 3621 - CF98.05.04

Control cable CF98.05.04 survives more than 138 million double strokes at a radius of 18 mm (3.2 x d).

Test 4009 - CF THERMO. K001

Thermal compensation cable CFTHERMO.K001 lasts more than 97 million strokes at a 1.89 in (48 mm) radius.

Test 4011 - fiber optic cables CFLG.2LB

Fibre-optic cable CFLG.2LB lasts more than 50 million strokes at a bending factor of 4.2 x d.

Test 4248 – CF9.07.12

TPE control cable lasts >700,000 cycles on 2.36 in (60 mm) guide roller – without corkscrew.

Test 4428 – CFSPECIAL.182.045

Ethernet cable for extreme demands – flawless data transmission at 656.2 lbs (2,919 N) – 15,000% more than called for in the DIN standard.

CF98 roller tests

TPE control cable with special alloy conductor for extreme demands – >2,000,000 cycles on 1.57 in (40 mm) guide roller – without core fracture.

Test 4956 – CF430 CF440

World premiere: 40% lighter in E-Chains®

Endurance test CAT7

Endurance test: igus® is testing the limits of CAT7 cables

Test - CFROBOT8.060

Chainflex® guarantee for robot cable demonstrated in chain twisted by +/- 180°

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