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drylin® W linear rails with PRT slewing rings

drylin® W linear/rotary guide study

This new system offers both linear and roraty motion by integrating an iglide PRT table to a drylin linear system. The rail is based on 10mm diameter x 120mm wide drylin W system and incorporates a low profile PRT-04-50 slewing ring table with a 50mm inner diameter.


  • Low-profile design thanks to drylin® W installation size 10 with PRT-04-50
  • Maximum support with a rail width of 120mm
  • Rail profile with lengths of up to 4000mm
  • Linear carriage with optional manual clamp
  • Easy assembly with ready-to-connect mounting plate

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drylin® W linear/rotary guide

Improve technology with igus®

Tech up

System height of only 40mm with new installation size Ø 10 

  • drylin® linear system with linear carriage and integrated slewing ring bearing
  • Linear and pivoting movements in a single component
  • Linear carriage with other variable bearing functions: clearance adjustment, spring pretension, manual clamp
  • extremely flat PRT-04-50 slewing ring bearing

Reduce costs with igus®

Cost down

  • Two functions in a single carriage
  • Complete carriage reduces design effort
  • Variable assembly with suitable carriage plate prepared to receive the slewing ring bearing
  • Rail profile with high torsional rigidity

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  • drylin® Q linear guide and iglide® PRT-04-50 service life can be calculated online

Plastic to Oil - igus® is sustainable


  • Absolutely clean components
  • operation is quieter by a factor of up to four because rolling metallic balls have been eliminated
  • no hazard of contamination by adjacent substances or components
  • lightweight due to use of aluminium and plastics

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