drylin® linear technology news

drylin® W replaces recirculating ball bearings in hygienic design


Switching to linear guide systems made of stainless steel –drylin® W linear carriages


Edge protection for drylin® W rails

Edge protection for drylin® W rails

drylin® W double rail made of stainless steel – corrosion-free stainless steel


drylin® T TW-12 Performance linear carriage – Clamping system directly on the carriage

TW-12 with manual clamp
  • Longer service life with sliders made of iglidur® J200.
  • Ready-to-install system.
  • Tested. drylin® TW-12-15: two rails, two carriages with fixed/floating bearing, 75N load, central drive/centre of gravity, travel distance without changing bearings: 35,000km.
  • No external lubrication.
  • Function/service life can be calculated online.

drylin W for small installation spaces – the 6 series brings new design options

WK-06-20 – The 6 series is very small, but can do a lot

drylin® T miniature guide with pretension

TW-14-12-PL_on_TS-04-1 miniature carriage with preload
  • Linear carriage with pretension
  • Coefficient of friction improved by up to 40% through iglidur® E3
  • Up to 30% more design freedom thanks to the 3:1 rule
  • 100% maintenance-free thanks to self-lubrication

drylin® N pre-load prism slide – almost invisible

NWV21-27-35-P05-AR drylin N prism carriage
  • Extremely low-profile pre-load prism slide with black rails and a linear carriage for precise adjustment.
  • Controlled adjustment thanks to individual pretension.
  • Compatible with many systems: short and long carriages with plain or threaded hole.
  • Average displacement forces and guaranteed holding forces tested in the igus® laboratory.
  • Compact, lightweight design with low inertia.

drylin® linear guide expert – consult, calculate, buy

drylin® DLX linear guide expert

Innovative and with a fast amortisation – drylin® econ carriage for curved rail

WWBP-06-30-06 carriage for curved rail

drylin® econ product range with locking ball or spring pre-load or as standard


CO2-reduced econ liner

J4UMO-01-20 CO2-reduced econ liner
  • For drylin® R round shafts with diameters of 12-40mm and drylin® W linear guides with diameters of 10-25mm

drylin® R on wooden shafts – Wear on wood

drylin R on wooden shafts

drylin® NT telescopic rails Heavy Duty

drylin® NT telescopic rails Heavy Duty
  • drylin® NT heavy duty telescopic rail
  • The robust aluminium rail accepts loads of up to 25kg; with a durable coating of iglidur® IC-05 for a lubrication-free extension.
  • Telescopic extension of up to 1,000mm in the application area, up to +80°C
  • Telescopic rail can be ordered with infinite adjustment from 100-1,000mm

drylin NT-35-P telescopic rail Preload – pre-loaded and rattle-free

drylin NT-35-P telescopic rail Preload – pre-loaded
  • Rattle-free telescopic rail thanks to spring pre-tensioning mechanism

Robust drylin® WW-HKX clamping

  • Pre-assembled linear carriage with integrated hand lever
  • Safe handling with non-slip lever design
  • Elastomer strip protects linear rail surface

Clip-type linear carriage with clamp – Clip, adjust, lock

Clip-type linear carriages with clamping
  • This clip-type linear carriage combines a clamping function with a practical mechanism for installing the carriage in place and removing it.
  • Clamping the linear carriage protects it against vibration and unintentional adjustment
  • Safe external storage for valuable equipment​
  • This product was developed from customer requests. Do you have suggestions and ideas for this product? Feel free to contact us.
  • All components are recyclable

Cover for drylin® W lateral rails

  • Stylish rail end protection
  • More safety with robust end caps
  • Secure hold with press-fit

Tandem roller bearings with ball bearings

  • Uniform load distribution thanks to the guide roller system with pivoting bearings
  • Double the load capacity of bearings with a single roller
  • Ready-to-install tandem roller bearings suitable for drylin® W profile rails with WS-10/WS-16/WS-20 individual shaft