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Technical environment - ESD

Special ESD products and ESD tools must be used in numerous industrial sectors in order to protect sensitive electronic components against electrostatic discharge. igus® has developed the ESD energy chain for these demanding applications. Made of the material igumid ESD, the energy chain immediately discharges permanent electrostatic charges in a controlled manner. igumid ESD consists of an igus® energy chain material which has been tried and tested for over 30 years now in millions of applications. Its special additives provide the required properties and even exceed the standard material in mechanical requirements. For example, the higher rigidity and approx. 15% lower density, which can be used to implement a longer unsupported length, depending on the application. The ESD energy chain also features an even longer service life thanks to the material. Unlike temporarily acting, applied conductive coatings or volatile, incorporated antistatics, the additives used provide durable and maintenance-free conductivity. Another advantage is the resistance to adverse ambient conditions.

ESD cable carrier


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The hue of igumid ESD approximately corresponds to RAL 7015 slate-gray

PTB certificate

igumid ESD with PTB certificate - We have received an official comment from the German National Standards Laboratory (PTB) on material igumid ESD and we are able to provide you with a copy on request.

System E6 - 2nd Generation ESD Chains without pin and bores, longterm conductivity guaranteed

For many years, safety in hazardous areas and ESD protection in sensitive production areas have been given high priority at igus®. Since 1992, energy chains have been manufactured from our special "GC" material. Certified 12 years ago by PTB (German federal office for Physics and Technology), the material was modified in 2002. In spite of homogenous conductivity of the material, common pin/bore design chains can hardly maintain their conductivity within normed conductivity tolerances in the long term.

Constant long term conductivity values

No contact surface wear

Proven standard product, now also conductive Cycle life in lab test ≥10 Million cycles (more upon request)

Underlies heightened QC procedures, with and without mounting brackets and in various install modes

IPA Fraunhofer institute certifies "Level 1" discharge performance, acc. to SEMI E78-0998 ESD, even for off-the-shelf standard E6 material.

system E6 cable carrier