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Strain reliefs

Strain relief for electrical cables

Strain relief can consist of standard elements or can be custom-made. For most applications, our standard program of profile rails with mounting brackets and space-saving Chainfix clamps can be used. We also offer simple strain relief solutions using cable tiewraps and tiewrap plates. In ideal cases, the cables should be secured at both ends of the energy chain with strain relief (in a few instances, strain relief at the moving end of the energy chain is sufficient - please consult igus® for these cases)

Minimum gap of the strain relief and the beginning of the bending radius

Tests on our premises and in field applications have shown strain relief located at the last bending point of the energy chain has no influence over the durability of igus® chainflex® cables. It is possible, therefore, to integrate the strain relief with the mounting bracket. This space-saving option for strain relief is offered by igus® for almost all energy chains.

chainflex chainflex® cables can be directly strain-relieved in the mounting bracket (minimum gap to the last curved energy chain link is not necessary)!
strain relief KMA Strain relief in KMA mounting bracket with profile rail
chainfix strain relief Chainfix strain relief in mounting bracket in practice - used here for cables and hoses

Chainfix clamps

Optimal igus® Chainfix housing with reduced height

Long service life for dynamic applications thanks to improved clamping elements

Integration with KMA mounting brackets - saves both time and space during installation and available for complete systems with cables and strain relief. Improved housing foot clamp for easy fit into profile rail

Black housing and setscrews for attractive appearance

Setscrews, tightened with Allen wrench, for easy installation.

chainfix clamp

Chainfix clip - modular snap-on strain relief device

Chainfix clip is a series of clamps and bottom parts made of plastic for cable diameters ranging from 0.2 inches to 0.9 inches. Chainfix Clip is available for profile rails, also suitable for assembly in the KMA mounting brackets and clip-on strain relief for cross bars. Features:

Quick assembly without any tools

2 and 3 layers on top of one another possible

Each layer can be detached and changed later on

High tensile forces in case of single-layer installation, decreasing with the number of layers

chainfix clip

Tiewrap plates with clip-on connection for the profile rail

The plates 3050-ZC and 3075-ZC can be clipped directly into the profile rail without bolts or any extra hardware. Clip-on tiewrap plates can be released and repositioned with just a screwdriver used as a lever.

tiewrap plates

Tiewrap plates as individual parts

The tiewrap plate is directly located on the mounting bracket, to which cables and hoses can be fastened with cable ties. Advantages:

Time saving through clip on With the screwing of the mounting brackets, the strain relief tiewrap plates are also mounted

Longer service life for cables

Space-saving design

Integration into the Cprofile of KMA (polymer/metal mounting brackets)

tiewrap plates

Strainrelief separator

Can be integrated in mounting bracket

Strainrelief separator can be positioned as required

Double strain relief possible

Easy installation, cost-effective

For Series E6.29, (other Series upon request)

stressrelief separator