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AX e-chains® series protects against fine wood dust

The 4240AX has been developed for applications where fine dust complicates the use of a conventional e-chain®. With conventional stop systems the finest dust can collect on the stops and cause the radius of the e-chain® to become larger over an extended period of time. Thanks to the external stop dogs, this situation does not occur in the 4040AX and 4240AX.

Advantages of the AX chains:

Exterior stop dogs

No accumulation of (wood) dust in the stop dogs

No "setting up" of the e-chain®

Optimized interior space

Potential applications:

Woodworking industry

Coal power stations


In applications with fine dust/particles


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AX AX chain link with external stop dog system

By the exterior stops no dust can accumulate in the stops, but is pushed out again from the chain immediately.
Technical data:

igumid G material

Temperature: -40°F to +248°F

Flammability class: UL94-HB

4240AX Dust of all kinds can settle in the stops and cause failures.