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twisterband HD - rotary movements in very small spaces

… stable turning … 7,000° possible.

twisterband HD  

Instead of integral hinges, the twisterband HD has a very stable pin/hook connection between the chain links. Longer service life, higher filling and temperatures below 32°F are now possible.

Continuous cable guiding in rotational movements

Stable pin/hook connection for high load and long service life

Temperature range -40°F to +176°F, outdoor applications

Guidance of electrical, fiber optic and pneumatic cables in one system

Cable-friendly due to defined bending radius stop dogs

Max. rotational speed 360°/s

7.000°* and more horizontal rotary motion, and up to 3.000° in the vertical installation orientation

Typical applications:

Machining heads on machine tools, rotary tables, sixth axis robots, generally all applications that currently work with slip rings

The twisterband HD is an advanced version of the standard twisterband. Instead of bands with integral hinges, the twisterband HD is composed of separate chain links with the pin/hook connecting system. The advantage is a defined radius with higher stability.

twisterband HD  
twisterband HD  
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Ordering number Rotation
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Inner width
Inner width
Bending radius
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Bending radius
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twisterband crossbar  
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 TB30-22-2 Upon request 
 TB30-22-2-1 Upon request 
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