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Hygienic Design e-chain®  

TH3 – First Hygienic Design e-chain®


  • Easy to clean
  • World's first plastic e-chain® developed according to "Hygienic Design" guidelines
  • Design without bolted connections
  • FDA-compliant - with the blue material colour typical of plastic elements in the food industry
  • (consisting of igumid TH NB for the side parts and igumid TH G for the frames and mounting brackets)

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  • Good resistance to aggressive cleaning agents and chemicals
  • Open design
  • Rounded edges mean that there are no dead spaces and no resulting germ formation
  • No material on material wear
  • No bolted connections
  • Operating temperature -40 °C / +70 °C
  • Red Dot Award Winner 2017
Typical applications:Packaging machines, food and beverage/filling machines, wherever hygiene requirements are very high and cables and hoses have to be guided safely and securely

Shop TH3.25 below:

Part No.Inner height
Outer height
Chamber width
A [inches]
Chamber width
A [inches]
Outer width
Bend radius
TH3-25-1/26-070-01.001.381.24 Bi + 0.63070 Request
TH3-25-2/26-070-01.001.381.02 Bi + 0.63070 Request
TH3-25-3/26-070-01.001.381.020.81Bi + 0.63070 Request
TH3-25-4/26-070-01.001.381.020.81Bi + 0.63070 Request
TH3-25-5/26-070-01.001.381.020.81Bi + 0.63070 Request
TH3-45-1/20-090-01.772.240.79 Bi + 0.79070 Request
TH3-45-2/20-090-01.772.240.79 Bi + 0.79090 Request
TH3-45-3/20-090-01.772.240.79 Bi + 0.79090 Request
TH3-45-4/20-090-01.772.240.79 Bi + 0.79090 Request
TH3-45-5/20-090-01.772.240.79 Bi + 0.79090 Request

Mounting bracket
All edges rounded  

All edges rounded

Wide gaps  

Wide gaps


No "material on material" wear

Easy to clean  

Easy to clean

The igus® Hygienic Design e-chain® is available with a choice between two inner heights and 4 inner widths for each of these heights. The up to 4 fixed interior segments are thus possible for both sizes. This means that cables and hoses can be laid completely separately from each other and yet still have sufficient gaps for cleaning purposes.


Hygienic Design e-chain®  
Hygienic Design e-chain®  
Hygienic Design e-chain®  
Hygienic Design e-chain®  


Hygienic Design e-chain®  
Hygienic Design e-chain®  
Hygienic Design e-chain®  
Hygienic Design e-chain®