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Horizontal Guidelok System for unsupported travels up to 164ft



Open guide trough design means chips do not get stuck between upper and lower runs, but fall through


Modular system with few parts


Enormous increase in the length of self-supporting travel possible


Lower push-/pull forces (smaller energy chains that are self supporting and use rollers result in greater energy efficiency)


Lower cost than most steel chains

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Shop Guidelok e-chains® below:

 For seriesInner width
Bi [mm]
Bending radius
R [mm]
Part No. horizontal
trough with Guidelok
 E4.56 / R4.5650 - 600150,175,200,250,300907.645.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Inquiry
 E4.80 / R4.8050 - 600150,175,200,250,300907.645.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Inquiry
 600 / R608200 - 600150,175,200,250,300907.645.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Inquiry
 E4.56 / R4.5650 - 600350,400,450,500907.837.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Inquiry
 E4.80 / R4.8050 - 600350,400,450,500907.837.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Inquiry
 600 / R608200 - 600350,400,450,500907.837.Bi.R.LLLL/FFFF Inquiry
 LLLL=total length
FFFF=field length (standard 2000 mm)
For many more types (widths/radii) possible, due to the modular design

Design principle:

Horizontal Guidelok guides the energy chain on special spring loaded roller supports (1), that are pushed back by the energy chain´s radius, clearing its path.

The energy chain is guided in the trough channel, pushing back the spring loaded roller support with its radius...
...which snaps back out again after the energy chain radius has passed...
...the upper run then gets to lay on the roller support

Guidelok: upper run guide for long, self-supporting travels in chip areas

Metal chips can cause abrasion and wear in long travel, gliding cable carrier applications. To combat this, igus® has developed a horizontal guiding system called “Guidelok”, which is designed to keep the upper and lower cable carrier runs apart. The new solution is ideal for applications in the machine tool industry up to 164 feet.