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Extremely lightweight: drylin® carbon

Extremely lightweight and yet extremely strong – tribologically optimised drylin® linear systems made from plastic and carbon fibre combine these properties. Whether as a guide or linear axis: all systems are 100% lubrication-free and maintenance-free.

High strength carbon made in pultrusion process

Tribologically optimised drylin® W rail system made from carbon

Solid plastic carriage made from lubrication-free iglidur® L250

Extremely light weight 25% lighter than aluminium 75% lighter than steel

Available as linear guide or with drive (lead screw / toothed belt)

High strength and resistant

End supports with dry running xiros® bearings with balls made of glass or plastic

Carbon ZLW

Overview of the drylin® carbon product range:

drylin® W linear guide made of carbon/plastic

Extremely lightweight and strong carbon profile

Tribologically optimised

Solid plastic carriage made from iglidur® L250

drylin® ZLW toothed belt axis made from carbon

Absolutely non-metallic

Neoprene toothed belt drive with glass fibre reinforcement

Max. stroke length 1,000 mm

drylin® SAW linear module made from carbon

drylin® W profile made from carbon fibre

Drive: trapezoidal or high-helix lead screw

Lightest version with carbon, solid plastic, aluminium lead screw

drylin® SHTP linear module with round carbon shafts

Very lightweight due to carbon hollow shafts and solid plastic

Ideal for multi-carriage solutions, also opposite

Configurable with accessories for manual and electric

drylin® CWM round shaft made from carbon fibre

Very lightweight due to hollow shaft geometry

Hollow rail for supply lines

surface UCU (unidirectional/cross-winding/unidirectional)

More carbon products: