Linear Screw Actuators With Low-Profile Guide Rails: drylin® SLW

  • Lower cost than ball bearing actuators
  • Fully supported rails for torsion-resistance
  • Low-profile and low-weight
  • Grease-free & corrosion-resistant
  • Highly flexible, with many accessories and materials
  • Motors and drive controls available

Shop Linear Screw Actuators with Guide Rails

SLW - Low Cost and Compact
  • Suited for applications under 100RPM
  • Ideal for manual positioning
  • High Axial Load Capacity
  • Higher profile for better motor alignment
  • Ball bearing lead screw supports
  • For speeds up to 1,500rpm (depending on length/load)
  • Up to 1,500RPM (depending on load and length)
  • Adjustable low clearance linear bearings
  • Low-profile
  • Multiple high-pitch leads available
  • For faster format adjustments
  • Ideal for applications under 100RPM
  • Features pre-loaded nut to remove axial play
  • Adjustable linear bearings offer optimizable radial clearance
  • Quiet with reduced lead screw vibration
  • 300 Series stainless steel housings, blocks and rails
  • Multiple nut and bearing materials including high temperature and FDA-compliant
  • Extreme corrosion-resistance
  • Multiple lead screws available
  • Low-profile and compact
  • Ideal for dirty environments
SLWT twin lead screw
  • Separate carriage adjustment
  • Ideal for format adjustments
  • Multiple lead screw leads available
SLWM - with measuring system
  • Space-saving sensor integration
  • Battery-operated
  • For Accurate, repeatable positioning
SLW - XY compact slide table
  • Compact
  • Modular and flexible
drylin SLW - XY table - SS
  • 300 Series stainless steel housings, block and rails
  • Multiple nut and bearing materials including high temp and FDA-compliant
  • Extreme corrosion-resistance
hts standard screw actuator
  • Guided by support shafts
  • 8mm-50mm shafts available
  • Dry-running

Applications for drylin SLW linear actuators

drylin slw

Heavy things become easy, positioning with no maintenance

medical technology

SLW linear unit with spindle drive in medical technology

drylin SLW

Level packing and lamination

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