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Control cable for maximum loads now 18% thinner thanks to new UL style

Unshielded control cables CF9.UL and shielded control cables CF10.UL now save considerable installation space

The change to the UL style of the existing cables makes it possible for us to make the materials even thinner.
The UL styles of both the outer jacket and the insulation can be freely chosen by the manufacturers. They all differ from each other on the basis of various specifications, including temperature resistance, stress levels and wall thickness.

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We at igus also select the styles according to mechanical criteria to guarantee the durability of the cables in the energy supply chain. Therefore, it was possible to choose new UL styles only after we could prove that the durability in the e-chain still meets the highest demands.

Tech up

Tech up

  • 18% smaller diameter 
  • 16% reduction of installation space needed for energy chain system

Cost down

Cost down

  • 18% smaller diameter enables smaller e-chain
  • Reducing the weight of the overall system and thus making the mechanical components lighter
  • Reduction of the size of the threaded connections in rectangular connectors



  • UL style 11884, 11886, 22021, 22022
  • Tested in the largest test laboratory (3,800m²), the largest laboratory of its kind for cables in moving applications
  • In the chainflex test No. 5240 the  new wall thickness of the insulation material in a CF9.10.12 was tested with 24 million strokes.



  • Reduced material usage (up to 33 % less) for cable manufacture
  • 13% less energy required for movement

Why the product keeps its promises

"36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on 2 billion test cycles per year"

igus is now the first German firm to have this promise validated for chainflex cables. In a complex certification process, the US "Underwriters Laboratories" institute confirmed the accuracy of the "igus® 36-month chainflex cable guarantee and service life calculator based on two billion test cycles per year" promise. This makes the Cologne-based company the first in Europe to have the veracity of an advertising statement confirmed by a testing institution. In future, every chainflex cable that leaves the factory anywhere in the world will be identified by the UL marketing label with its unique number B129699, referring to igus.
A total of 1,044 of the over 1,350 cables in the portfolio and available from stock already have classic UL approval. This is a prerequisite for the smooth commissioning of plant in the USA. This makes it easier to export equipment to America. The combination of UL approval and a UL marketing label smoothly benefits exports twice over.
These statements create reliability and planning security for your entire investment process; all the more so now that they have been confirmed by an external body! Try it out yourself online with the certified service life calculation for chainflex cables

UL verified

All highlights from the test laboratory

chainflex test trials

The chainflex laboratory concentrates on special experiments and tests that are not covered by the relevant normal standards and laboratories, but are absolutely necessary for determining the service life and functional capability of moving cables in the e-chain. This has now been confirmed again by UL. 

The complete chainflex range

chainflex® portfolio

The chainflex cables are cables for moving applications in energy chains or for robot applications - all dependable with 36-month guarantee and up to 40 million cycles.  The chainflex cables work flawlessly with high speeds and accelerations, long travels as well as very extreme ambient conditions.

Guaranteed harnessed cables

readycable overview

readycable® harnessed cables are ready-to-connect cables. As a manufacturer and harnesser, igus offers everything from a single source and thus specifically reduces your process costs. The portfolio covers a range of catalogue products, including harnessed cables meeting many manufacturer standards and available in custom single-unit or high-volume production.

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