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Modular connection: drive technology/
lead screw technology and drygear® Apiro gearbox

Apiro connection to linear units

Connection to and synchronisation with drive and lead screw technology

Our "Apiro" gearbox system for a wide variety of kinematic elements and superstructures  was named for the Greek word for "infinite". Individual applications can be implemented with the drygear® Apiro gearbox system in an extremely modular and cost-effective manner.
Typical application areas are lane adjustments, pusher tasks, gearboxes with various gear ratios, slewing rings and rotary axes. The new connection to drylin drive technology and dryspin lead screw technology makes you even more flexible in implementing individual automation systems.

Connection to drylin® drive technology

Apiro connection to a linear unit

The direct connection to drylin®  SLW and SHTdrive technology is mounted on the output pins of drylin® lead screw units.  This allows several Apiro gearboxes to be connected in series and drylin® drive technology synchronised.
Available options are: 

  • SHT-12/SLW-10xx
  • SLW-1660
  • SHT-20
  • SHT-BB-20/SLW-BB-2080
  • SHT-30
  • SHT-BB-30/SLW-BB-25120
Possible area of application: the packaging industry

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Connection to dryspin® lead screws

Apiro connection to the lead screw

The simple, direct connection of Apiro gearboxes to the output of dryspin® lead screw technology allows lead screw movement depending on the thread pitch. Lead screws of 10, 12, and 16mm diameter can be connected to various pitches.
Available options are:

  • DS10x25
  • DS12
  • TR16x2


Possible area of application: the packaging industry

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Tech up with igus news

Improve technology

  • Modular drygear® Apiro gearbox system expansion
  • Combination and synchronisation with the drylin® drive technology system
  • Set-up instructions including parts list

Cost down with igus news

Cost down

  • Cost-effective gearboxes made of iglidur polymer material
  • Modular design for manual and motor-operated adjustments
  • Fast conversion possible
  • Assembly without any special tool

evidence from igus news


  • Easy assembly in seconds
  • Maintenance-free through the use of self-lubricating igus polymers

recycling with igus news


  • Completely lubrication-free operation
  • Lightweight components

Infinite combination options with the drygear® Apiro gearbox system

Technical information

Connection to drylin® drive technology

Part number Hole patternShaft ØAttachment to axis  L1L2L3H1B1S1

Connection to dryspin® lead screw technology

Part number TransmissionB1Ø S  H1H2L1L2G1


Technical data: Apiro and drylin drive technology
Technical data: Apiro and dryspin lead screw technology

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