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PRM rotating energy supply

Complete system with polymer guide trough, 360° rotation angle

The PRM rotating energy supply system is a polymer trough, e.g. for small measuring and handling machines.  The guide is also suitable for camera applications. It does not require any sliding contacts and is protected against corrosion.
Technical data:

  • Maximum angle of rotation: 360° 
  • Outer diameter: from 200mm to 500mm
  • For e-chains series E2i.10 and E2i.15

Rotary motion 200P

Rotary motion 200P



The scope of supply includes suitable e-chain, mounting brackets, separators, strain relief system and guide trough

Product range:

Part No. Outer diameter
Inner diameter
Overall height
Chain length
per chain link
More about selected part:
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Tech up

Tech up

  • No slip ring, all media in a single system  
  • Complete system can be ordered with only one number; it includes an e-chain and separated guide trough  and integrated strain relief  
  • Weight saving -85% vs. steel guide trough 
  • Various inner widths with a single guide trough
  • Improved guidance, minimised displacement forces
  • Protected against corrosion

Cost down

Cost down

  • Costs 60% less than a comparable steel guide trough
  • No project planning costs 
  • No minimum purchases – low system price, no minimum order 
  • Can be delivered pre-assembled - reducing on-site installation costs 



  • 85% less weight than a comparable steel component -> 0.175kg compared with 1.50kg
  • Costs 60% less: possible sale price for plastic guide trough: €597 vs. steel : €1,602 (one-to-one comparison)



  • Simplified guide trough manufacturing process. Production at only one location  
  • No need for sheet metal cutting, rolling, welding or galvanising/passivating. 
  • Can be produced from recycled material  
  • Have your energy chains processed as part of the igus chainge recycling programme no matter which manufacturer they came from
  • igus supports the circular economy of plastics and is investing in chemical recycling


Weight saving

Weight test for the 200P rotating energy supply

The polymer 200P rotating energy supply weighs substantially less than a comparable steel guide trough. Using the 200P reduces weight by 85%

Cost savings

Test trial cost of the 200P rotating energy supply

The 200P Reverse Bend Radius rotating energy supply also costs much less than a comparable steel guide trough. Specifically, it costs 70% less.

Further information

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