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Grease ball bearings? Not necessary with xiros® plastic ball bearings

Cross section plastic ball bearing design

Why is igus® ball bearing design unique?

Due to the polymers used, all xiros plastic ball bearings are permanently maintenance-free without requiring additional lubrication.  

  1. Inner and outer ball bearing races: the suitability of a xiros plastic ball bearing is determined by the materials of the two races. Our low-friction ball bearings are made of high-performance plastics with different material properties, which means that they can be used in many applications and service life can be maximised.  
  2. Ball bearings cage: the cages of the xiros plastic ball bearings are perfectly tailored to the materials of outer and inner ball bearing races regarding resistance to chemicals and temperature.
  3. Ball bearings balls: in addition to steel balls igus offers polymer ball bearings with balls made of glass or plastics.  Glass balls are used to give a metal-free and chemical-resistant solution. By using polymer balls ball bearings are particularly lightweight and quiet.  Steel balls (stainless steel) are particularly cost-effective and temperature-resistant.

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Maintenance-free plastic ball bearings are innovative and diverse

The product range of the xiros plastic ball bearings is characterised by a great variety of designs, materials and sizes according to DIN 625.  Small ball bearings are used in model making and medical technology, amongst others. xiros ball bearings are successfully used in many applications - special shapes of ball bearings designed according to customer requirements are also part of the product range.  
Predictable service life Due to extensive testing in the xiros test laboratory, the service life of igus ball bearings can be precisely predictive even in difficult conditions - also for individual applications.  

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Lightweight ball bearings made of plastic

Plastic ball bearings are particularly cost-effective

Metal ball bearings are robust - and heavy. xiros ball bearings offer the perfect alternative for many applications as plastic ball bearings are lightweight, reliable and durable.
Plastic ball bearings are often used in the automotive industry and aerospace engineering. Wherever lightweight is important, our light plastic ball bearings are perfect.

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Plastic ball bearings are rust-free

Plastic ball bearings have an important advantage compared to those made of metal: they do not rust. Even in corrosive environments, xiros ball bearings run smoothly and have a long service life - and that is completely without maintenance.

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Plastic ball bearings are rust-free
Plastic ball bearings are resistant to cold and hot temperatures

Temperature-resistant ball bearings

Thanks to the polymers developed by igus for extreme conditions, igus offers ball bearings that are resistant to both cold and hot temperatures. Due to these properties, expensive special lubricants for metal bearings are not necessary.
The performance of these polymer ball bearings was tested and confirmed as part of numerous tests in the xiros test laboratory, also under extreme cold up to -100°F.
For applications operating in great heat, igus offers high-temperature ball bearings with thermal resistance up to +302°F when used long-term.

Ball bearings made of FDA-compliant plastics

Ball bearings made of FDA-compliant plastics are used whenever parts come into contact with food, or in sterile areas.
Thanks to the plastics with FDA approval developed by igus, which also do without additional lubrication, xiros ball bearings are perfectly suited for applications in the food industry and medical technology.

Ball bearings made of FDA-compliant plastics
Plastic ball bearings are non-magnetic and current-insulated

Non-magnetic and current-insulated ball bearings

Wherever it is necessary to avoid metal, the non-magnetic and current-insulated plastic ball bearings are the first choice. In the xiros product range you can find both purely plastic ball bearings and versions with balls made of glass.
Alternatively, conductive and detectable plastic ball bearings are also part of the product range.

Chemical-resistant polymer ball bearings

The chemical-resistant plastics developed by igus enable a smooth running of xiros ball bearings, even when they make contact with aggressive chemicals. The specified durability and calculated service life are based on data from our test laboratory.
The chemical-resistant plastic ball bearings do without expensive special lubricants that are needed in applications exposed to aggressive chemicals.

Polymer ball bearings are resistant to chemicals

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