drylin® WJRM-BB-31 & 41 hybrid roller bearing with ball bearings

Hybrid roller bearing WJRM-BB-31
  • Rollers and sliders made of wear-resistant, self-lubricating iglide® polymers
  • Smooth operation due to ball bearing
  • Upon request bearing spacing through flexible positioning of the individual hybrid roller bearings
  • Linear carriages in 3 lengths (100/150/200mm) by combination with WWYR mounting plates
Tech up with igus news
  • Hybrid roller bearings with ball bearings for smooth lateral adjustments
  • Up to 4 times quieter than metallic bearings due to igus high-performance polymers
  • Flat installation height of 30mm on attractive rail profile WSR-10-120
  • Optimised roller alignment for maximum force absorption
Cost down with igus news
  • Cost-effective zinc die-cast housing
  • Roller bearings without lubrication
  • Can be positioned individually or as a complete carriage with mounting plates in 3 lengths made of the drylin® W modular linear system
Evidence from igus news
  • Service life tested in the igus laboratory
  • Up to 70% easier running
Recycling with igus news
  • easy energy-efficient adjustment
  • Clean linear guide without lubrication
  • No risk of contamination for the user

Roller bearings from igus

Roller bearings WJRM-BB-31 & 41 Technical drawing

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