Stainless steel bearing for quick bearing replacement in extreme environments

DRL_WUMA bearing replacement housing
  • Fast bearing change without disassembly
  • Reduced downtime
  • Complete re-use of all components
  • Simple spare parts management
Tech up with igus news
  • Split stainless steel housing allows changing the bearing directly on the rail
  • No removal of the linear unit
  • iglidur® X liner use for great chemical resistance
  • Use of linear bearing liners made of iglidur® A160/A180 for the food industry (FDA and EU10/2011 compliant)
Cost down with igus news
  • Works with all drylin® W linear carriages in sizes 10, 16, 20 and 25, linear modules and toothed belt axes
  • Use of drylin® R liners made from iglidur® X, A180, A160, E7
  • Bearing change within seconds
evidence from igus news
  • Tested: iglidur® X resistant to acetone (10%), benzoic acid (20%, aqueous), bleaching solution, drilling oils, butyric acid, seawater, etc.
  • Tested: drylin® W, four bearings with iglidur® X liner, installation size 20, two shafts of  
    AISI 316Ti, spacing 400mm, dynamic axial load 250N, synchronous drive, acceleration 1.5m/s². service life 2,000km or 650,000 double strokes at 1,500mm each
recycling with igus news
  • Completely lubrication-free operation in adverse environments
  • Linear housing can be used for a lifetime
  • Emission-reduced replacement part handling, liner weight < 5g
  • No contamination in the application environment
  • Maintenance-free due to self-lubricating high-performance polymers from igus®
WUMA bearing change
  • Bearing change within seconds
  • Suitable liner of iglidur® materials:
    iglidur® X, iglidur® A180, iglidur® A160 and
    iglidur® E7

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