Intelligent drag chains and smart cables

Identify problems before they become failures

Smart e-chains®

  • P4.1 roller chain
  • E4 chain series for the high load range
  • E2 chains for the medium load range

i.Sense Sensors

  • Sensor for movement (EC.M)
  • Non-contact wear measurement (EC.I)
  • Sensor for abrasion (EC.W)
  • Position-sensitive pull/push force measurement (EC.PP)
  • Pulling and pushing force measurement via the lines (CF.P)
  • Measurement of the electrical properties of a line (CF.Q)
  • Transmission Quality Measurement (CF.D)

Smart e-chains®

P4.1 rol e-chain®

P4.1 rol e-chain®

  • Longer service life due to maintenance-free tribo-polymer plain bearings in conjunction with the chain links
  • For the heaviest duty applications
  • Travel distance up to 800m and speed higher than 5m/s
E4 e-chain®

E4 chain series for heavy loads

  • Gliding, unsupported, and suspended applications possible
  • For robust, challenging areas of use
  • Inner height from 21 to 350mm
  • Each link consists of four individual parts
  • Openable along inner and outer radius
e2 e-chain®

E2 chains for medium loads

  • Inner height: 26 - 48mm
  • Openable from both sides along the outer or inner radius
  • Weight to dimension ratio improved on comparable predecessor series
  • 55% faster assembly time than predecessor

Smart plastics iCee
Smart plastics iCee

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