Accessories for triflex® R Robot Dresspacks and Cable Management

Use the Robotic Dresspack Configurator

  • Choose by model name or select your robot by manufacturer, type and model
  • Choose how many axes you want to equip for
  • Choose between 3 dresspack options:
    1) Hook and Loop
    2) Hook and Loop w/mounting bracket
    3) Hook and Loop with protector bracket
  • Customize by size, connection, retraction system, etc.
  • Download CAD/PDF files, Request Quote or Add to Cart for Checkout

Browse all Robot Cable Management Accessories

Protectors and Protective Jackets

Protectors and Jackets
  • Protective jackets - standard, with heat protection and abrasion-resistance
  • Protector - bolted, QuickLock with clip-on

Mounting Brackets

mounting brackets
  • Light version with/without strain relief
  • Protected version with/without strain relief
  • Swivel brackets, ESD option & more

Clamps for 6th Axis

Clamps for 6th axis
  • Tennis racket clamp for cobots (FANUC CRX)
  • Heavy duty clamps with/without radius support
  • Quick exchange kit, compact connections

Metal Mounting Brackets

Metal Brackets
  • Metal bracket with/without strain relief
  • Easy/fast connection with screw clamps
  • Safe and efficient cable guidance

Fiber Rods

Fiber Rods
  • Up to 270° rotation
  • Open/closed type, no tangling, reduced spinning
  • Pre-assembled with cables, inserted/fixed

Additional Accessories

Cobot Accessories
  • Swivel brackets and adapter
  • Locking clips and disassembly Tool
  • Adapter consoles for retraction systems

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