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3D-printed injection molds are cost-effective & can be custom-made

  • Up to 80% cheaper than steel materials
  • Up to 70% faster than manufacturing conventional tooling
  • Fast and simple production of prototypes
  • Choose between 55 low-wear iglide® materials
  • Maintenance-free components with special properties, such as conductivity, underwater use, KTW conformity, high temperature, etc.

Upload a 3D model (STL/STEP). Select material, printing method and get pricing.

3D-printed injection molds vs. 3D printing

3D printed custom plain bearings

3D Printing Test Lab

3D-printing materials test lab

iglide material

Advantages of iglide® materials

  • 100% dry-running and maintenance-free
  • 100% corrosion-resistant
  • 80% weight saving compared to metal
  • Precisely predictable service life
  • Tested in the industry's largest test laboratory under realistic application conditions

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