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e-chain® cable carriers for cleanroom environments

Over 9,000 cable carrier ranges are certified for cleanroom applications ISO Class-1 to -51)

For almost 20 years, igus has been among the frontrunners when it comes to manufacturing cable carrier systems for cleanroom environments and applications. igus supplies a wide range of IPA-tested energy chains that are easy to install and allow for machine-specific cable carriers in cleanrooms. Since the quality requirements demanded by customers and by test standards for cleanroom technology are constantly growing, igus is continuously working on improving its products. In order to be able to respond even faster to customer requirements, igus, together with the Fraunhofer IPA Institute, has built a cleanroom laboratory for the rapid development of particle-free motion plastics. The laboratory is suitable for cleanrooms up to class 1 air purity according to ISO 14644-1.

In semiconductor manufacturing, components such as cable carriers and cables must meet the highest standards to ensure that no particles contaminate production. In order to be able to develop new cleanroom-suitable motion plastics faster, the Fraunhofer IPA has designed and implemented a customized cleanroom laboratory with an ISO Class 1 cleanroom system in Cologne on behalf of igus. In the new laboratory, customer tests and new developments can be carried out in advance under real conditions within a very short time.


  • Class 1 according to EN ISO 14644-1
  • Abrasion-resistant, Space & resource saving
  • Modularity/modular principle
  • Quick replacement of the filling, openable
  • Available from stock, Easy maintenance
  • No minimum order quantity
  • 36-month guarantee
Unique igus cleanroom laboratory for ISO class 1 components
The Fraunhofer IPA Institute has tested various igus e-chain cable carrier series according to DIN EN ISO 14644-1. It is therefore now possible to make accurate statements about the potential cleanroom uses of almost all e-chains.

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e-skin corrugated tube

e-skin corrugated tube

  • Compact and modular design
  • Installation space requirement: from 150 mm
  • Unsupported length from 1.3m
  • Cleanroom ISO class 1
  • Operating noise up to 33 db(A)

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T3 series

Energy chain system series T3

  • Highly flexible & low vibration
  • Lightweight, highly flexible and low-vibration
  • Crossbars removable along inner/outer radius
  • Small bend radius, smallest installation spaces
  • Quiet 33 dB(A), Cleanroom ISO class 2

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E3 series

E3 series

  • Ideal for small installation spaces & flat cables
  • Highly dynamic, cleanroom capitable, low-noise
  • Quick, easy access to cables with zipper system
  • Good stability through stable, interlocked links
  • Easy to shorten/lengthen, ideal for flat cables
  • Extremely low noise operation, max. 38 dB(A)

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E6.1 series

Energy chain system series E6.1

  • Extremely quiet with very little vibration
  • Openable and removable on both sides along inner/outer radius
  • Extremely quiet 32 dB(A), High push/pull forces
  • Suitable for ISO class 1 cleanroom use
  • Virtually no wear or abrasion

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E6 series

E6 energy chain system

  • Extremely low noise, minimal vibrations
  • Snap-open along the inner or outer radius
  • Some types available as enclosed tubes
  • High speeds/accelerations, quick/easy assembly
  • Modular, shortened/lengthened at any point
  • High stability & tensile strength
  • Various interior separation options available

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C6 series


  • Optimized design, no measurable abrasion
  • For ISO Cleanroom Class 1 applications
  • All parts that contact the cables are made of tribo-optimized igulen CR1
  • High stability, bionic design
  • Quiet operation with scalable crossbars
  • Long service life, easy & cost-saving installation

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e-skin flat with stranded structure as an
alternative to trackless cables

  • Suitable for cleanroom according to IPA ISO Class 1
  • Modular and compact design
  • Cables can be exchanged in minutes
  • With co-ordinated CFCLEAN stranded structure for high dependability
  • Service life over 57 million double strokes
  • Available from stock
  • No minimum order quantities

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Certifications & Approvals

During operation, as few particles as possible should be released into the surrounding area. This is especially applicable to moving machine parts such as energy chains and cables. Keeping the release of particles to a minimum requires a high degree of abrasion resistance, which is also an indicator of a long service life. This is a development goal for all igus® products. igus® tests each of its products in elaborate and meticulous test procedures in its own laboratory. Only what meets the standards of our laboratory is then selected for the Fraunhofer IPA tests.  The evidence is supplied by the Fraunhofer IPA Institute, which awards many igus® products the best possible classification, namely ISO Class 1 

Fraunhofer IPA tests

1) Individual series of diverse igus® e-chains® from e-skin, E6, E6.1, T3, E3, E2/000, E4.1 and easy chain® families have been given ISO Class 1 to ISO Class 5 certification by the Fraunhofer IPA institute in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (Report IG1303-640-1, IG0704-400, IG308-295 and IG 1907-1125). This corresponds to over 9,000 articles from the e-chain® product range of the same type of construction/based on the same principle.