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Plastics for longer life® - Increase the service lives of your machines with plastics

Service life up - Costs down

No lubrication, less maintenance, lower costs, longer life cycles, always available from stock - these key principles apply to all igus® products, systems and services.

Tried and tested in terms of durability, friction properties and stability, igus® plastics are the technological core of the igus® range.

We offer you 80,000 products from stock with no minimum order.

Innovations with high-performance plastics

igus® plastic plain bearings constitute the step from a simple plastic bearing to the tested, predictable and available machine element.

Our research is based on specific bearing properties - especially life cycle - achieved by continuous advancements in materials.

Low weight and corrosion resistance, as well as freedom from maintenance and lubrication enable a solution for almost all applications.

Fit and forget!

plastic plain bearings

lubrication free bearing

Predictable life cycle - no lubrication necessary

Lubrication-free operation is something every designer strives for. igus® plastic plain bearings make this dream a reality. Decades of research and testing now permit precise calculations of a plastic plain bearing's life cycle.

There is an iglide® material for almost every application, available in a wide range of bearing dimensions, with a predictable service life.

Fit and forget - matching solutions from stock

lnnovative, quickly assembled and economical products

Delivery from stock - lower inventory costs

Large product selection – find the right solution for your application

Time-saving tools on the Internet

We deliver customized, ready-to-fit units

Quick reaction customer service with many local representatives in the United States, Canada, Mexico and worldwide.

igus® maintenance-free plastic plain bearings help improve your products and reduce costs at the same time.

plastic bearings

cable carrier

The umbilical cord for your automation

energy chains are the umbilical cord of modern machines. igus® has been developing, producing and testing polymer energy chains since 1971. Our expert knowledge is being refined continuously with the help of our customers, and is then incorporated into our production time.

Universal applications for igus® energy chains:

Multitude of possibilities in terms of movement and length

Carry sensitive bus, data and fiber-optic cables and energy sources such as electricity, gas, air and liquids

Accommodate very high dynamic loads and stringent service life requirements

Handle very different environments and climatic zones

Space-saving installation

High levels of acceleration can be achieved

Simple assembly of modular system on site and rapid retrofitting of cables possible

chainflex® works

igus® realized that widespread growth of automated technology in the early 1980s had resulted in increasing loads, which guided cables couldn’t support. The cables would fail and cause costly system downtime or even damage the machine. In extreme cases, cable failure could halt production entirely.

igus® embarked on the development of its own continuous-flexing cable line, designed specifically for use in energy chain systems and has been selling chainflex® since 1989. chainflex® cables withstand the stress of tight bending radii in moving applications and deliver a longer service life than other cables.

igus® offers customers pre-assembled cable carrier solutions called readychain® systems – complete with energy chains, chainflex® cables, connectors, brackets, strain relief and other accessories – with a complete system guarantee.

chainflex cables

Test Lab and Certificates

Test Lab and Certificates

On-site visits and telephone support

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igus® factory in Cologne

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Self-lubricating plastics

Self-lubricating plastics