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  • Payload: Up to 10kg
  • Workspace: Up to 2000 x 2000 x 1500mm
  • Precision: Up to 0.2mm
  • Max speed: 1.5m/s

Delta Robots

delta robot
  • Payload: Up to 100N
  • Workspace: 360 & 660mm
  • Up to 60 picks/min
  • Precision: 0.5mm

Robotic Arms

  • Payload: Up to 30N
  • Workspace: 790mm
  • Speed: Up to 150mm/s
  • Modular, 4 or 5 DoF (degrees of freedom)

7th Axis Robot & ZLW Actuator

drylin ZLW 7th axis for robot
  • Flexible use of robots vs. locking kinematics
  • Belt-driven linear actuator connected
  • Stroke lengths up to 3,000mm

Linear Actuators

linear actuator
  • Screw-driven, belt-driven & gear rack drives
  • Available with motors, cables & initiators
  • Online service lifetime calculators available

Robot Control Software (iRC)

igus® Robot Controller
  • For gantries, delta robots & robotic arms
  • Digital twin & teach-mode capable
  • No programming knowledge required

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Plain Bearings

Plain bearings sleeve and flanged
  • Self-lubricating, clean, quiet & lightweight
  • Available in over 50 different materials

Linear Bearings & Rails

linear bearings and slides
  • 6 different styles to choose from
  • Always dirt-resistant and self-lubricating

Electric Motors

  • Offering stepper, DC & EC/BLDC motors
  • Motor controllers, motor flanges, couplings

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